Sending your student to college comes with a lot of lists. There’s the list of schools (you crossed off all but Biola, so you’ve already had one big win!), the packing list (don’t forget an extra toothbrush or two!) and, finally, the list of enrollment steps — the last steps your student needs to take to officially become Biolan.

New enrollment tasks opened for your student on July 2, 2024. Your student will take care of all of their enrollment steps through Biola’s student portal, MyAccount. As they get closer to the first day of classes, your student should see the status of their tasks incrementally marked “complete” until they reach the ultimate goal: changing their MyAccount Fall 2024 status from “Not Enrolled” to “Enrolled.”

Once your student’s MyAccount status says “Enrolled”... Boom! Bingo! Booya! They’re ready for Biola to begin.

By now, your student has probably already done the following (find these tasks on our What’s Next page):

  • Submitted their enrollment deposit

  • Finalized their registration profile, which includes:
    • Activating their email address

    • Submitting their registration profile

    • Submitting their housing deposit and application along with their meal plan, OR intent to commute

    • Registered for any requested placement exams

  • Completed their financial aid tasks, which includes:
    • Submitting the FAFSA

    • Reviewing their financial aid award estimate (sent to them in an email)

    • Returning any additional requested financial aid forms

  • Submitted their final official transcripts

  • Received a transfer course evaluation
    • Only necessary for students who are transferring 15+ units from a community college or other four-year institution

  • Verified their housing plans

If your student has already completed these tasks, they can move on to the new tasks that opened in MyAccount on July 2!

Enrollment Tasks that Opened on July 2

PLEASE NOTE! These tasks are up-to-date for the Fall 2024 term and may not be accurate for future terms.

Your student can now complete the following final enrollment tasks through their MyAccountFind a skimmable version of this list at the end of this post.

Add/Drop Classes

  • To do: view, add or drop classes

Academic Advising has thoughtfully created a schedule for your student’s first semester. We strongly recommend they take these classes in order to be set up for success in future classes and to stay on track for graduation. Your student may view, add or drop classes from their schedule through this task if they would like.

Health Insurance Acknowledgement

IMPORTANT: Action needed to avoid a charge!

  • To do: submit a waiver to have a $1,175.50 charge reversed, or accept Biola’s health insurance

Biola requires all traditional undergraduate students, any student on an F1 visa and any student living in Biola housing to have health insurance. Regardless of whether or not your student is already covered by private insurance, you will see a charge of $1,175.50 on their Student Account for the Student Health Insurance on July 2. If your student is already covered by comparable health insurance that meets the university’s requirements,* they can have these charges reversed by submitting a waiver to Gallagher before July 31, 2024, for review and approval (your student should have already received an email from Gallagher notifying them of this). 

Your student must complete the Health Insurance task on MyAccount by July 31 if they want the guarantee of having the charge reversed prior to the August 15 payment deadline.

If your student is not covered by comparable health insurance, they are required to purchase the health insurance Biola provides. This charge will cover the cost.

*Learn more about requirements, deadlines and student insurance.

Cal Grant Notice

Will only show for students eligible for the Cal Grant

  • To do: acknowledge Cal Grant terms

If your student is receiving a Cal Grant, this task simply asks them to acknowledge that they understand that their Cal Grant is limited to four academic years and that they must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per semester. 

Update Title IV Authorization

  • To do: grant Biola permission to use Title IV funds for other charges

Title IV funds are federal student aid funds (things like Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, Federal Pell Grants, etc.)* distributed by the U.S. Department of Education. Unless your student grants additional permission, the U.S. Department of Education regulations only allow Biola to use their Federal Student Aid to pay for current academic year institutional charges like tuition, mandatory fees and room and board billed by Biola. Your student must grant Biola permission to use these funds for non-qualifying charges like books, health insurance, parking permits, etc. They can grant this authorization through their assigned task on MyAccount.

*Federal Title IV funds do not include scholarships from Biola

Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)

  • To do: agree to Biola’s terms of payment

This task simply asks your student to agree to the terms of payment and to the communication methods Biola uses to notify students about payment. We encourage your student to read through this agreement carefully so that they understand the payment process.


  • To do: choose a payment plan and make a payment

Biola offers four payment plan options for your student’s semester expenses.

Please note, if they choose the Four Payment Plan, the first payment is due July 15. All other plans begin August 15.

As you prepare to make your first payment, you may notice some fees on your student’s Biola Statement. Here’s what you need to know:

One fee you will see is a ​​$125 Orientation Fee. This is a one-time fee that will cover the cost of New Student Orientation, allowing Biola to provide your student with an exceptional “welcome to Biola” experience. New Student Orientation is mandatory for all first-year and transfer students to ensure they are ready to begin at Biola.

Other special fees you may notice on your student’s Biola Statement are applied for specific things your student is involved in (programs and services that require special equipment, supplies, administrative support and programming above and beyond usual costs). You can view the special fees on our Tuition & Costs page in the “Miscellaneous Expenses” section.

Fall 2024 Health Requirements Tasks

These items are required to gain access to the community and campus.

Health Forms

  • To do: submit health forms

Your student is required to submit the following required health forms by July 31 through Patient Portal using their NetID and password:

  • Health History Form

  • Meningitis Advisory Form

  • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire

  • Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Immunization Records

All students who will be on campus must upload their complete immunization records, which must include at least two doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine given per CDC guidelines.

Students living in Biola housing (with the exception of married housing) must also submit a Meningitis ACYW vaccine given on or after the age of 16. Your student can meet the vaccine requirements through the following steps:

1. Upload their vaccine records to their Patient Portal. You may need to assist them in locating these records, or they can consult a physician and/or high school for records. Records can also be faxed to the Health Center at 562-906-4512 or emailed to

2. If your student’s records are not readily available but they’ve received their MMR vaccine, an MMR titer (blood test) can be obtained with their doctor or at the Health Center to verify immunity. Results can be submitted to the Health Center to meet the requirement.

3. If you’re unsure your student has received the MMR vaccine, are unable to obtain records or they receive a negative titer reading, your student may obtain two doses of MMR given one month apart from your physician, the Health Center or pharmacy. Meningitis ACYW vaccines are also available in the Health Center if needed.

4. If your student has a medical or religious conflict with obtaining these vaccines you may contact the Health Center at to request waiver applications.

Minors: If your student is entering college as a minor, they must complete hard copies of the following forms with a guardian's signature and submit them to the Health Center through their Patient Portal, by email (, mail (attn: Biola Student Health Center, 13800 Biola Ave, La Mirada, CA 90639), fax (562-906-4512), or in person.

  • Meningitis Advisory

  • Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Consent for Treatment of Minors

Athletes: If your student is an athlete, they must complete the Athletic Physical Form.

Fall 2024 Extra Tasks

Course Materials Charge

IMPORTANT: Action needed!

  • To do: review and opt-out of textbook subscription service if desired

Biola partners with a service called Slingshot to provide your student with an easy way to get all of their required textbooks and course materials. Slingshot Choice is a course materials auto-fulfillment program offered here on campus — think of it as a subscription box for all of your student’s learning materials.

Once your student is enrolled in classes, all of their required course materials will be automatically charged to their account and delivered to them before the first day of class.

If your student would like to purchase some or all of their course materials through another service, they can opt out of this service by logging into their Slingshot Account, navigating to “My Account Preferences,” and selecting “Opt-Out.” Your student can manage their preferences anytime. Changes to their account made before August 9th will be reflected in their textbook order for the fall semester.

If your student would like to take advantage of this service, they don’t need to take any action through Slingshot. They will automatically receive a charge and receive their books.

Parking Permit (optional)

  • To do: purchase Fall 2024 parking permit

If your student plans to have a car on campus, they’ll need to purchase a parking permit for the Fall 2024 semester.

Skimmable List

Enrollment Tasks

  • Add/Drop Classes
    • To do: view, add or drop classes

  • Health Insurance Acknowledgement
    • To do: submit a waiver to have a $1,175.50 charge reversed, or accept Biola’s health insurance

  • Cal Grant Notice (only students receiving Cal Grant)
    • To do: acknowledge Cal Grant terms

  • Update Title IV Authorization
    • To do: grant Biola permission to use Title IV funds for other charges

  • Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)
    • To do: agree to Biola’s terms of payment

  • Payment
    • To do: choose a payment plan and make a payment

Other Tasks

  • Health Forms
    • To do: submit health forms

  • Textbook Subscription Service
    • To do: review and opt-out of textbook subscription service if desired

  • Parking Permit (optional)
    • To do: purchase Fall 2024 parking permit