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  • MPH, Colorado School of Public Health, Aurora, CO
  • Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
  • M.S., California State University, Fullerton
  • B.A., Concordia University, Irvine, CA

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Dr. Peterson’s research background is founded on biomedically-based applications [molecular to applied] in human, animal, and clinical settings. Specifically, his doctoral training was focused on applying the aforementioned methodologies toward the investigation of human movement-related physiological adaptations, and applying outcomes observed in animal models, in a clinically-based cancer patient population. In addition, he also conducted postdoctoral didactic and research-related training in the Colorado School of Public Health. 

Current research in the Peterson lab is focused on the investigation of blood and saliva-based biological markers of inflammation (cortisol, TNF-𝞪, IL-1-10, CRP, testosterone) in stress, exercise, and resting conditions. Current work has also included multiple collaborative published projects related to SARS-CoV-2. Upcoming SARS-CoV-2 projects include the investigation and profiling of multiple human conditional elements and the presence of vitamin D concentrations and blood-based antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 (IgG; nucleocapsid, receptor binding domain, spike 1 subunit, and spike 2 subunit).  

Dr. Peterson’s teaching expertise is focused within the breadth of Human Movement Physiology in research, clinical, and public health applications in both the Kinesiology B.S. program and in the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Program. He engages learning dynamically and energetically from the learn, do, teach perspective. Having completed thousands of direct clinical hours working with cancer patients, his goals are to emphasize the importance of the interpersonal and missional roles Biola students will have with their future patient populations. Thus, students are encouraged to creatively engage in the personal ownership process of material assimilation. He also emphasizes the importance of peer-reviewed research, case evaluation, and practical applications while encouraging students to be strong and courageous in the integration of their faith in Christ and how they approach their field of study. Students are encouraged to fervently and consistently draw closer to their Heavenly Father as they study God’s creation. 


  • 2021- current, American Physiological Association (APA)
  • 2016- current, American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)
  • 2012- current, Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA)
  • 2010- current, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • 2006- current, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)


  • May 2023: Second-time Stewart Research Fellowship Faculty
  • February 2018: Inaugural Stewart Research Fellowship Faculty
  • February 2016: Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center Award — Center for Public Heath Practice; Anschutz Medical Campus
  • January 2015: GPA Scholarship Award (above 3.5) — Colorado School of Public Health
  • September 2014: Diversity Scholarship Award — Colorado School of Public Health
  • April 2013: Grant Recipient-Student Speaker — ACSM regional meeting, Greeley, CO
  • April 2012: Graduate Research Excellence Award Finalist, Greeley, CO
  • March 2012: RMACSM-Student research fund award, Colorado Springs, CO
  • February 2012: Graduate Student Speaker Award — NHS research evening, Greeley, CO


  • Park, J.Y., Galbadage, T., Lee, H., Wang, D.C., & Peterson, B. M. (2023). Mental health, substance use, and the importance of religion during COVID-19 pandemic. [invited manuscript]. Mental Health, Religion, and Culture. DOI: 10.1080/13674676.2023.2202382

  • Tata, L., Peterson, B.M., & Olson, T.L. (2023). The Impact of COVID-19 on Physical Activity among Employees and Students at a Midsize University. Journal of Physical Activity Research. 8(1), 9-13. Doi:10.12691/jpar-8-1-2

  • “Molecular Mechanisms Lead to Sex-Specific COVID-19 Prognosis and Targeted Therapies,” Galbadage, D.T., Peterson, B.M., Wang, J.S., Jayasekera, A., Ramirez, D., Awada, J., … & Gunasekera, R.S., Frontiers in Medicine, 2020. 

  • “Biopsychosocial and spiritual implications of patients with COVID-19 dying in isolation,” Galbadage, T., Peterson, B.M., Wang, D.C., Wang, J.S., & Gunasekera, R.S., Frontiers in Psychology, 2020.

  • “Early COVID-19 interventions failed to replicate st. louis vs. philadelphia outcomes in the united states,” Jalali, A.M., Peterson, B.M., & Galbadage, D.T., Frontiers in Public Health, 2020.

  • “Systematic review and meta-analysis of sex-specific COVID-19 clinical outcomes,” Galbadage, D.T., Peterson, B.M., Awada, J., Buck, A.S., Ramirez, D.A., Wilson, J., & Gunasekera, R.S., Frontiers in Medicine, 2020.

  • Abstract: “Evaluation of sitting time on faculty and staff in a small private university,” Altamirano, K., Peterson, B.M., Miller, K., & Gardner, J.K., Medicine & Science in Sports Exercise, 2020.

  • Effects of Aerobic and Flexibility training on physiological and psychosocial function in a patient with anaplastic oligodendroglioma: a case report,” Peterson, B.M., Shackelford, D.Y.K., Brown, J. M., Brennecke, A.P., & Hayward, R., Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2020.

  • “Does COVID-19 spread through droplets alone?,” Galbadage, D.T., Peterson, B.M., & Gunasekera, R.S., Frontiers in Public Health, 2020.

  • Caffeine Increases Rate of Torque Development Without Affecting Maximal Torque,” Peterson, B.M., Brown, L.E., Judelson, D.A., Rehbert, S, & Coburn, J.W., Journal of Science and Sport in Exercise, 2019.


  • Colorado SPH Spring Student Public Health Forum, Colorado. Presented on "Assessing mental and emotional health asset capacity in weld county." May 2016.
  • American Public Health Association national conference, Denver, CO. Presented on "A qualitative investigation of physical activity and binge drinking among college students." 2016
  • American College Health Association national conference, San Francisco, CA. Presented on "Physical activity and binge drinking among male college students: A qualitative investigation." June 2016.
  • Colorado Public Health Association Conference, Vail, CO. Presented on "Physical activity and binge drinking among female college students: A preliminary qualitative investigation." September 2015.
  • American College of Sports Medicine Regional Conference, Denver, CO. Presented on, "A cancer population specific VO2peak assessment: the rocky mountain cancer rehabilitation institute multistage treadmill protocol." March 2015.
  • American College of Sports Medicine Regional Conference, Denver, CO. Presented on "Effects of cognitive and aerobic training on age-related cognitive impairment in apparently healthy older adults." March 2015.
  • American College of Sports Medicine Regional Conference, Denver, CO. Presented on "Effects of a 12-week aerobic & cognitive training intervention on cognitive function in apparently healthy older adults." March 2015.
  • 2014 Society of Advancing Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) National Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Presented on "Cognitive function and dysfunction in cancer survivors." October 2014.
  • 22nd Annual McNair Scholar Symposium, Berkeley, CA. Presented on "Cognitive function and dysfunction in cancer survivors." August 2013.

Research Interests

  • Bioethics
  • Exercise
  • Cancer
  • Metabalomics
  • Microbiomics
  • Immunology
  • Biological Markers


  • KNES 302 Exercise Physiology
  • KNES 303 Exercise Physiology Laboratory
  • KNES 446 Functional Assessment and the Prescription of Exercise
  • KNES 447 Functional Assessment and the Prescription of Exercise Laboratory
  • KNES 449 Clinical Exercise Physiology
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