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Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a credential you earn by completing specific courses offered through the Cook School of Intercultural Studiesyou will receive one digital badge upon completion of two participating courses. Unlike certificates or minors that are granted upon your graduation, digital badges are granted as soon as you complete the required courses. For questions, contact

If you are interested in one or more digital badge, complete the digital badge interest form.

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Note: Students enrolled in the B.A. in Intercultural Studies program will earn emphases upon completion of two participating courses. See the catalog for more details or contact

Why earn a digital badge at Biola?

Determine your journey from college to career with digital badges and gain specialized skills towards your future vocation. Employers are looking for students who can clearly spell out the career competencies they have acquired, especially skills that set you apart, such as intercultural competency. With digital badges, you will be able to articulate specific skills to future employers — therefore becoming more marketable and successful!

Badge: Intercultural CompetenceIntercultural Competence

The Intercultural Competence badge allows you to grow in understanding, valuing and leveraging potential that comes from diverse people uniting for a shared purpose. Deepen your understanding of diversity, power and influence in an intercultural workplace.

Course options: INCS 231, INCS 420

Badge: Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology

The Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology badge introduces you to a holistic understanding of the diversity of human behavior across time, geography and culture from a distinctly Christian perspective, and provides tools to begin bridging cultural differences.

Course options: ANTH 200ANTH 310

Badge: International and Community DevelopmentInternational and Community Development

The International and Community Development badge focuses on various theories in development and related topics, including participation, empowerment and asset-based community development. Gain knowledge needed to engage in effective development practices. 

Course options: INCS 345, INCS 433

Badge: MissionsMissions

The Missions badge equips you to reflect on the historical, theological, cultural and strategic realities that impact cross-cultural witness and service.

Course options: INCS 233 + one of the following: INCS 342, INCS 371, INCS 440, INCS 444, INCS 451

Badge: Peace, Justice, and Intercultural Conflict TransformationPeace, Justice, and Intercultural Conflict Transformation

The Peace and Justice badge equips you with the biblical foundation, academic knowledge, and practical skills to address various forms of conflict on a communal, national and international level.

Course options: ANTH 342, ANTH 415

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For questions, contact the Cook School of Intercultural Studies at
If you are interested in one or more digital badge, complete the digital badge interest form.

Submit Digital Badge Interest Form