Talbot Dean Ed Stetzer was recently appointed as a distinguished visiting scholar at Oxford University’s Wycliffe Hall, where he will teach classes twice a year, in May and in December, giving Talbot students the opportunity to study abroad.

Talbot graduate students have the opportunity to join Dr. Stetzer for the December class, taking the Talbot class, “Evangelism and Follow Up,” while participating in a week-long study tour to Oxford University. The Talbot course will consist of monthly online discussions before the December trip, including various pre-work projects, and will culminate in a week of in-person study at Wycliffe Hall. This Talbot class will join the Wycliffe Hall students in their Intensive Study Week (ISW), December 9–13, 2024.

In 2025, the May class will focus on Christianity, culture, and theology of mission. The class will explore the biblical principles for evangelism and discipleship and the most relevant strategies and practices for individuals and churches to evangelize and disciple in their local context. Students will examine the gospel message across the narrative of Scripture, and its proclamation and demonstration in the early church. The course will also address current challenges facing the church, and how we can respond biblically and effectively for the advance of the gospel. As the course is at Oxford, it will particularly focus on post-Christian contexts, with guest speakers from the U.K. and elsewhere.

Outside of class time, students are free and encouraged to explore the beautiful city of Oxford. As part of the class, students will also have the opportunity to tour the home of C.S. Lewis (pending availability), tour the city itself, and attend Oxford University Christmas musical activities, along with several other group activities around the area.

Students who attended the week-long course in the fall of 2023 said it was an impactful experience, both academically and culturally.

“One of the big takeaways from this week is that if you want to be in ministry you have to have a heart for people in the church and outside of the church, because evangelism is a key part to being a follower of Jesus,” said Gary Storment, a Talbot M.Div. student. “This week has been full of amazing lectures from even better lecturers.”