From Jakarta to Germany, from Seattle to Seoul, Biolans around the world are discovering an innovative new service that promises to make it better than ever to be Biola alumni.

BiolaHub, which debuted in January at, is a free online social networking tool that gives alumni an easy new way to find job opportunities, form mentoring relationships or simply meet people with common interests. In essence, the website brings together some of the most helpful features of other social networking platforms — think LinkedIn meets Facebook without the clutter, ads and unwanted solicitations from strangers — all in a setting that’s exclusive to Biola.

“We are truly so excited about BiolaHub,” said Lily Tsau, Biola’s senior director of alumni and parent relations. “This is a tool that allows alumni to engage in many different ways online. It creates a way for them to have fellowship and community, to be exposed to mentoring opportunities and to find jobs — all in one place.”

Within the first few months, more than 1,000 alumni have already created accounts. And leaders within Biola’s Office of Alumni and Parent Relations are hopeful that thousands more will join in the months ahead, making the service ever-more valuable and useful to the community. So, what’s in it for you?

Mentorship opportunities

One of the platform’s greatest strengths is the ability for alumni to both find and offer mentorship. People looking for mentoring or career advice can click on BiolaHub’s “Find a Mentor” tool to search through a list of alumni who have signaled a willingness to help.


Another key feature is the job board, which gives alumni a place to both share and search for job openings. The “Post a Job” feature is a direct and easy way for users to share job opportunities — whether the poster is a business owner, a hiring manager or even a would-be coworker who knows of an opening and wants to share it with Biola alumni. This also serves as an easy way for employers to search for and hire a Biola or Talbot grad.

Community and Connection

On top of mentorship and employment, this is also a great way to locate and reconnect with old classmates, make brand new connections and get plugged into the broader community. You can join a discussion group, learn about events in your region, stay updated on the latest Biola news, or network and connect with alumni in the industry.

Visit from your desktop, laptop or mobile device and create a profile to start connecting today!