The benefits of physical fitness have been proven time and time again. While the messages about physical fitness may vary, the core of the message remains the same: our bodies need to move – but not just move, they need to be trained. A more common phrase you might hear is: you need to exercise.

“Exercise” can be a daunting word for some of us as students. How are we supposed to manage a full load of classes, jobs, friendships, all while navigating a pandemic and fit exercise into our schedule? In response to this question, I want to pose another question: Since when did exercise become so time-consuming? By incorporating a couple of small, active habits into your daily routine, you can reap the benefits of exercise without missing a single deadline!

Get Your Gym Clothes On

Don’t worry, you can wear your workout clothes and still look cute on Zoom. Wearing clothes you are comfortable getting sweaty in will encourage you to move! Throughout the day, if you find the time and want to do some high knees, jumping jacks or spin around and have a dance party, you’ll be ready to go if you’re wearing gym clothes.

Zoom Workout with Your Pals

Group fitness classes did not die in the 80s. We are all searching for ways to connect while we’re at home, so why not make our connections more active? Try getting on Zoom with your friends, find a free workout video online (YouTube is a wonderful source for free workouts!) and get moving! If you don’t have many friends who enjoy being group-fitness pals, consider joining a fitness huddle.

Find a Way to Stand

It’s important to find opportunities throughout your day at home to get up and move. For example, if you are in the middle of watching your lecture videos for a class, or if your professor gives you a five minute break, get up and walk around the room! If you are reading a chapter of one of your school books, try reading while standing or walking. Another option is to make a standing desk. Use a pile of books or a cardboard box to lift up your laptop while you work. Standing instead of sitting while you work is a great way to get that blood flow and circulation moving!

Stretch & Get Those Chapel Credits

One of the benefits of having chapel online during Biola at Home is the ability to stand and walk while you listen and learn. What I find to be beneficial when listening and participating in online chapels is stretching! Stretching during chapel is a wonderful way to flood our minds with the truths of God while simultaneously connecting with our “temples of the Spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Try Homemade Dumbbells

If you don’t have weights at home, you can use tin cans of food, shampoo bottles or even packets of rice or beans. You can also try filling a clean gallon jug with water, sand or rocks, or use a box of books. Making your own weights is a great way to add a bit more resistance when you’re exercising, and very useful if you are searching for ways to incorporate more weight-training into your day.

When the world seems stationery, it’s all the more reason to move. If you are reading this, you have been given the gift of a body, and that body needs to be loved. The only person who can protect your body and help it function at its best is you. So, whatever you’re doing right now, find a way to get up and get moving! Your body will thank you later!

Written by Sam Winslow (Cinema and Media Arts, ‘21), Peer Wellness Ambassador.