I once heard it said “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. When I first heard this quote, I thought about all the times that I was trying to accomplish a goal and didn’t. I realized that I had focused more on the outcome than I did the process. Truth be told I was more excited about the results than I was the painstaking meetings and planning necessary to achieve those goals. I wonder today, how many of us have had the same feelings about the process of achieving our goals?

Eisenhower Box: 4x4 grid.Columns: Urgent and Not Urgent. Rows: Important and Not important. Box A1: Do it now Box B1: Schedule a time to do it Box A2: Delegate. Box B2: Eliminate it

Our hope is that you are strategic with your agenda and that you are able to achieve your goals. One of the ways you can plan for success is by using what is known as the Eisenhower Matrix. The Matrix is often used to prioritize assignments, projects, chores, and tasks coming up. As you look at each box, think about what tasks you would put in each category. Often times, our temptation might be to feel overwhelmed with all the things we need to get done before the end of the day, when in reality there are some things we can do later, assign to others, or not do at all.

As you think about this semester, we hope this tool comes in handy as your prioritize.

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