Many of us leave Missions Conference feeling inspired, called, and convicted. But it can be so easy to say we’ll do something about it when we graduate. Our resources are slim as students but wherever you’re at, there are amazing ways to serve within your means. Here are some great ways to put your compassion into practice:

Donate a Meal to a student in need on Biola’s campus. This one takes a small amount of time and resources but can make a big difference for a student. Look for their table outside the Caf during March.

“Love La Mirada” day of service is coming up on March 25. It’s local and you can serve in many different capacities. Check out their website,

The Dream Center is in the heart of LA and serves the tangible needs of the city. It’s really easy to get involved and do something that matters.

Adopt a Meal on Skid Row. I’ve participated in this personally and it was an amazing experience. You get to serve hot food as if it was your job to the residents of Skid Row. This gives you otherwise nearly impossible ability to connect with the residents and love them well.

Go out to Eat. If you don’t have the time to spend serving or resources to give a little money, go out to eat at HomeBoy Diner (it’s really good) as an alternative to another diner you might visit in LA. Then your money is going to the right place!

Volunteer at KidWorks. Santa Ana is a recent hotspot for Biola students, but there is a wealth of culture and community that existed there far longer than Hopper and Burr. As you enjoy their community, consider giving back.

Play Sports/Give back. Volunteers in action is a time commitment and a huge opportunity to be a positive influence on a child’s life. Everyone who has had a coach knows that they matter a lot.

Have something in mind that isn’t included above? You can type in all of your necessary stipulations into and be connected with the perfect place for you!

Have other great service opportunities you think I missed? I would love to include them. Comment below!