The last semester of your senior year can be filled with mixed emotions. Excitement about the upcoming celebration, stress over final assignments, and anxiety and confusion around what comes next are amongst the swirl of feelings leading up to graduation.

Take advantage of Biola’s upcoming Senior Career Advising Week to improve upon job searching, resume writing, interviewing, and grad school planning.

Senior Career Advising Week (May 1-5)

Appointments with Career Advisors and Employer Relations Specialists for seniors only!

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Below you will find stories and Career Resources to inspire and equip you as your prepare for the future.

Student Stories

Biola seniors Mark and Breigha share their stories of how career advising helped them navigate the process of identifying what’s next after Biola.



As a graduating senior, I can say without a doubt that one of the most daunting questions often asked to me, are questions about life after graduation. Although asked with good intentions the uncertainty of the answer would always bring me anxiety. As a whole, I have enjoyed my time here at Biola, from the people and the late-night food runs, to the professors that genuinely care about the development of students both spiritually and professionally. As I reflect about the next chapter of my life and what God has called me to do, I think about the profound effect that Biola’s Career Center has had on my life. From my freshman year where I was deciding which major and career path to choose, to my senior year where they have provided me with the knowledge of how to network and interview, Biola’s Career Center has prepared me for the next chapter of my life. Through their help with my resume and cover letters, I am happy to say that I was able to land a position at a tech startup back in my hometown of San Jose. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity and am grateful for the resources and relationships that Biola has provided for me.



Networking and interviewing have always been uncomfortable for me. As an introvert, the idea of speaking to a stranger for an hour or having a phone call with a working professional was intimidating. However, the Career Center offered the resources and tools needed to understand the importance of networking and ways to improve my interview skills. This semester I focused on navigating the type of job I wanted after graduation as well as figuring out what I’m qualified for. Through an email introduction from a family member, I was able to connect with a board member at World Vision International, a faith-based relief and development organization. As an Intercultural Studies major, I’ve been interested in working for World Vision, and this was an incredible opportunity to learn more about who they are and how I could get involved. One conversation led to another and after applying for an internship I went through two interviews. The Career Center staff helped refine my interview skills and taught me how to engage professionally with employers. I ended up receiving an offer to be a part of World Vision’s internship program in Los Angeles. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m excited to see how this experience impacts my future career.

Additional Career Resources

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