Saturday, October 1, 2016, marked the publication of a tremendous evangelical resource for Russian-speaking students of the Bible. At the National Pedagogical University of Dragomanova in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Slavic Bible Commentary (hereafter SBC) was officially presented and highly celebrated. This project, five years in the making, incorporates the work of over 90 Slavic evangelical scholars. In addition to individual commentaries on all 66 books of the Bible, there are more than 80 topical articles ranging from theology (Trinity, prayer, spiritual gifts), to ethics (abortion, euthanasia, suicide) to social issues (alcoholism, orphans, church and state). This 1,800 plus page volume fills a huge gap in Slavic biblical scholarship; many biblical studies volumes in Russian and Ukrainian to date have been translations of Western language resources, primarily English and German. Now Slavic students of the Bible from any age, stage or walk of life can study with a resource that speaks to them from their own cultural and contextual perspective.

The Talbot School of Theology-Kyiv Extension (hereafter TST-KE) is proud to congratulate four colleagues for their participation in this groundbreaking project. Vladimir Yakim, Assistant Director of the TST-KE and Professor of Old Testament at Kyiv Theological Seminary, penned the commentaries for Daniel and Micah. Vitaliy Maryash, 2013 TST-KE graduate and Academic Dean of Kyiv Theological Seminary penned the commentary on the Fourth Book of Psalms. Oleksandr Shchavlynskyi, 2016 TST-KE graduate and Academic Dean of Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary penned the commentary on Joshua. And Serhii Morokhovskyi, 2011 TST-KE graduate and Dean of the Rivne Regional Bible College, penned the commentaries for Haggai and Zecharia. It is our desire that Talbot's participation in the SBC will not only bring edification to those who study God's Word using the commentary, but that awareness of the TST-KE ministry will grow, drawing serious students of Scripture and theology to our unique Master of Arts program in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Please visit the SBC website (available in English) to learn more about it, including photos, a sample section of the commentary and a link to the two and a half hour celebration of the book's release. A copy of the commentary will soon be available in the Talbot faculty publications display in Myers Hall.

Talbot-Kyiv Colleagues

(Talbot-Kyiv colleagues, from left to right: Vladimir Yakim [2nd from left], Vitaliy Maryash [4th from left], Oleksandr Shchavlynskyi [5th from left])