[Pictured left to right: Tom Wilson, Beth Starr, Steve Rundle]

Change is an inevitable part of an organization, and next fall’s faculty roster at Crowell will have some changes. Professor of economics and international business Dr. Steve Rundle, assistant dean Beth Starr, and associate professor of law, ethics and human resource management Thomas Wilson will all step into retirement this summer.

“We navigate a bittersweet juncture as these remarkable faculty members bid farewell,” said Dr. Michael Arena, dean of the Crowell School of Business. “We celebrate new beginnings for each of them as they embark on the next chapter of their lives, yet we also grapple with the void left by their absence.”

Steve Rundle

From his humble beginnings in the U.S. Marine Corps to his diverse career in the trucking industry, Steve Rundle’s path has been one of resilience, growth and faith. After navigating the corporate world, Rundle followed a calling to academia, pursuing a business degree that ignited his passion for economics.

During his 26 years at Biola, Rundle's influence as an economics professor extended far beyond the classroom. He was a mentor, researcher and teacher, guiding students toward a deeper understanding of the intersection between international economics and faith-based social entrepreneurship, as evident in the courses he developed, from Principles of Economics to the innovative Global Business Environment and Business as Mission. He has authored many journal articles and book chapters on this subject, as well as two books, Great Commission Companies: The Emerging Role of Business in Missions (now in its second edition) and Economic Justice in a Flat World: Christian Perspectives on Globalization.

Whether leading students on transformative trips to China and El Salvador, spearheading summer study programs in Ecuador, or leading the launch of innovative programs such as the International Business concentration, Rundle broadened horizons and ignited passions for global engagement.

In 2019, Rundle received the Robert B. Fischer award to recognize his exceptional contributions to Biola. He has been granted emeritus status, which is awarded to tenured faculty who distinguish themselves in both time spent at Biola as well as excellence in teaching and service.

Rundle’s desire to spend more time with his wife Wendy as they move back to Pennsylvania, where they have family and roots, is at the heart of his retirement plans. Rundle is looking forward to managing several rental properties they own but plans to continue his pursuit of learning.

“Research and writing is in my DNA,” he said. “It's the place where I feel God's pleasure the most.”

Rundle will stay connected to the Faith-Based Social Entrepreneurship movement by serving on dissertation committees and teaching online classes for Biola.

Beth Starr

Beth Starr’s journey to Biola, begun 14 years ago, was guided by a higher calling as she transitioned from a successful career in sales to join Crowell in both administration and teaching.

As an adjunct professor, she imparted knowledge and wisdom to countless students in sales, marketing, management and consumer behavior. Her dedication to personal growth, including earning her MBA while serving Biola, speaks volumes about her commitment to excellence.

As Assistant Dean, she is considered the “fearless leader” of the business school staff. With her commitment to excellence, she has nurtured a culture of collaboration, innovation, kindness and mutual respect. She has been instrumental in empowering Crowell faculty members by encouraging professional development opportunities and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

In her own words, she found a sense of peace and purpose at Biola, recognizing the hand of God at work in the shared mission to glorify His kingdom. Starr’s genuine care for her colleagues and her dedication to equipping the next generation of Christ-centered leaders have been a source of inspiration to all.

Whether she chooses to pursue part-time work in teaching, complete projects around her home or dedicate her time to volunteerism, there is no doubt that her impact will continue to be felt and her passion and love for the Lord will shine through.

Tom Wilson

For 24 years, Thomas Wilson has graced Biola with his passion for education, his unwavering commitment to excellence, and his profound faith. From his beginnings as an adjunct instructor in Fall 2000 to his position as a full-time Professor since Fall 2012, Tom has left an indelible mark on the Crowell School of Business.

Wilson came to Biola with over 30 years of experience as a trial attorney, during which time he handled major cases on behalf of the business community. He was named as one of “The Ten Most Dependable Litigation Attorneys in California” by Forbes Magazine, one of the “Super Lawyers of Southern California” by the New York Times and Los Angeles Magazine, and among the top five percent of attorneys nationwide specializing in business litigation.

Wilson's contributions to Crowell have been nothing short of extraordinary. His mastery of subjects like Business Law, Organizational Ethics, and Human Resource Management has not only enriched the minds of countless students but has also inspired them to integrate Christian principles into their professional lives.

Beyond the classroom, Wilson's influence has extended far and wide. His scholarly pursuits, including the publication of The Casebook for business law studies and his insightful presentations on ethics in various conferences, have significantly contributed to the intellectual discourse in his field. His tireless efforts in course redesign and the development of fully online courses have ensured that Biola remains at the forefront of innovative education.

Wilson's love for Biola shines brightly — he speaks often of the freedom to teach from a Christian perspective and also the vibrant energy of Crowell students. His appreciation for his supportive faculty colleagues and administration reflects the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that defines this community.

After officially retiring in July 2024, Wilson and his wife Nancy will be relocating and moving to Arizona, with plans to become involved in a local church. However, he will continue to teach online for Biola.

“The legacies and profound contributions of Beth, Tom, and Steve remain etched in the fabric of the Crowell School of Business,” said Arena. “The threads of their wisdom, scholarly dedication, and boundless love are intricately woven into the school’s tapestry, and their impact will endure.”