1) What is your current position and role of responsibility in your company? What interests you about this industry?

I oversee the accounting and finance functions for Wedgewood, a real estate company that specializes in distressed residential real estate. I’ve worked in and around real estate service companies (mortgage, brokerage, construction, etc.) for the past 20 years. My interest in the real estate industry started shortly after graduating Biola. I was renting an apartment from a guy that owned two 30 unit apartment buildings. He purchased both buildings in early 30s and paid them off by in his late 40s. He was retired with a significant passive income stream. I was more than a little intrigued! From that point on, I’ve gravitated towards real estate and real estate service companies.

2) Talk a bit about your giftedness. How & when did you discover what you are good at?

When I started college I planned to be a youth pastor (hence choosing Biola). My father insisted that I have a trade to fall back on. I chose accounting because it came easy to me. In my junior year at Biola I developed a real interest in business. I felt a bit guilty at first, thinking I would be selling out if I didn’t follow through with my “calling” to be a youth pastor. Shortly thereafter there was a speaker at a chapel that really spoke to me. He specifically addressed all those students that were not planning to pursue full time ministry. He helped me understand how Christians in the secular business workforce can make an impact in ways that people in full time ministry professionals aren’t able to. I realized that my calling to be a youth pastor was really a calling to attend Biola. I also realized that it was okay to pursue a career in business, after all, that is how God wired me!

As for my specific giftedness, I’m naturally good at solving problems. I’m also pretty good at helping people reach their potential (which I also aspire to do … I’m still trying!)

3) How has your education at the Crowell School of Business and Biola equipped you for your work? Talk about Business as Ministry and how this manifests itself in your work today.

In general I think what you get out of your education is directly correlated to what you put into it (obvious, but worth stating). I chose to work hard at Biola, in my studies, in the ministries I participated in, and by investing in friendships with my peers. The curriculum and experiences that focus on character and ethics particularly helped shape who I am today. In my career thus far I’ve had many opportunities to be an ambassador for Christ to my colleagues. In my experience the most effective ministry to my colleagues did not come when I tried to orchestrate a conversation about God, rather they came about naturally through genuine care for people I work with.

Steve Meilicke earned his B.S. in Business Administration from Biola University graduating Magna Cum Laude and is a CPA. Prior to Wedgewood, Mr. Meilicke held positions at Arthur Anderson, Deloitte & Touche, Tutor Perini, a publicly traded construction company and most recently was CFO of Carrington.