Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is a growing movement among Christian investors and investment firms, with significant potential for cultural impact. BRI is an investing approach that seeks to ensure that a Christian is investing in a way that is consistent with the moral standards of the Bible. Is BRI a helpful investment approach? Or just a marketing ploy meant to exploit? Crowell School of Business professor Shane Enete recently addressed this topic in a white paper for Christian Wealth Management. As his paper will argue, BRI products, through their excluding, engaging and endorsing activities, help Christian investors maintain their integrity and responsibility to Biblical stewardship while actively investing in the stock market.

This paper will also address two common questions with BRI:

  1. Does BRI deliver lower returns due to a restricted investment universe?
  2. Are there an adequate number of BRI investment options available to invest prudently with sufficient diversification?

You can access the paper through this link

Christian Wealth Management