Every spring, I teach a course in Non-Profit Marketing (BUSN 332) to my upper-division marketing students. During this course, my students prayerfully seek out and then work with a local non-profit organization that touches their heart. At the end of the semester, the students submit a one-year marketing plan to their clients. We celebrate this partnership between student and client with an end of the year dinner, which we have held for the past fifteen years. Below are several clips from the banquet held in May, 2012.

In this first clip, I have the opportunity to share my personal story about working with a non-profit organization after my college graduation and how the Lord led me through this experience and gave me the passion to become a marketing professor.

In this next clip, I discuss and speak to the non-profit clients about the intense process that students go through during this project: their dependence on God, the extensive research, and the final comprehensive customized non-Profit plan.

In this clip, Samantha Baker, a student in the course, discusses her memorable, life-changing experience with her non-profit organization, Dream Catcher LA, where they provide therapeutic horse backing riding for physically and mentally challenged children and adults.

But the best part of the evening is hearing from each non-profit organization as they share about the unique blessing of partnering with their specific Biola Marketing student, and the joy they had in the process. In this clip, Letty speaks about her non-profit organization, Lot 318, Loving Others in Truth, and how God answered her prayers and brought her and Abby, the non-profit marketing student, together. She speaks on Abby’s incredible dedication and knowledge.

Were you ever a part of this project? Did you have Les for a professor? Have you been helped by this or another class project from the Crowell School of Business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.