Brianna Modeling "Metamorphosis"

On a weekend train ride home to Riverside, freshman biological sciences major Brianna Vargas noticed Metrolink was promoting its first-ever Sustainable Fashion Show. Inspired by the concept, she submitted two hand-drawn designs titled “Metamorphosis” and “What's the Buzz.” Metrolink selected Vargas’ designs alongside 23 other local high school and college students to be created and modeled in their inaugural sustainable fashion show competition.

“It sounded super fun, so taking inspiration from the world around me I whipped up some designs and submitted them,” said Vargas. “I was then chosen to bring my designs to life. My main passion for this project is my desire for future generations to enjoy the magnificence of creation, through the reduction of waste.”

Vargas’ interest in biology and passion for a sustainable future are evident in her designs.

“The dress that I modeled was inspired by the caterpillar's amazing ability to undergo metamorphosis,” said Vargas. “Through this, I wanted to show that used items can undergo a similar process.”

Grace Modeling "What's the Buzz"

Metrolink started the competition this year, opening it to high school and college students over the age of 16 years old, to encourage others to recycle or upcycle items that would otherwise end up in landfills. Therefore, all design entries were made from post-consumer and post-industrial recyclable materials.

Vargas’ design “Metamorphosis” was modeled by her and was made of used fabric material from thrift stores as well as clothing items that were going to be thrown away. Her design, “What's the Buzz,” was a skirt modeled by her roommate, Biola student Grace Haun, and made from recycled paper and grocery store coupons. Vargas’ admiration of origami and bees inspired the design.

Vargas and Haun modeled the sustainable designs in the Metrolink Earth Day fashion show at the Downtown Los Angeles station on April 22.

“I was lifted up by the kindness of the other participants and the confidence of my roommate, Grace,” said Vargas. “Overall, I was in awe of everyone’s designs, and their passion to work toward a more sustainable future.”

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Written by Jalin Cerillo, strategic communications assistant. For more information, contact Media Relations at