The fields of computer science, engineering, math and robotics are growing exponentially in today’s rapidly evolving technological world. According to Zippia, computer speed and power has generally been doubling every one and a half to two years since the 1960s and 70s, and the artificial intelligence industry is growing by 16.4% year over year.

To maintain pace with this impressive growth, Biola University is establishing the Promod and Dorcas Haque Endowed Chair of Computer Science, Mathematics, Robotics and Technology in a new Division of Technology in the School of Science, Technology and Health. Their generosity has made the establishment of the chair possible.

Dr. Promod Haque and his wife Dorcas, who has served on the Board of Trustees of Biola since 2007, has 32 years of experience in the venture capital industry and currently serves as managing partner at Norwest Venture Partners. His knowledge and experience in the growing technology field prompted him to establish the endowed chair position in Biola’s School of Science, Technology and Health to support Biola as a leader in technological education and equipping Christian students to enter the technology field.

“Christian universities today must prioritize technology not only because this is where career opportunities are forming, but because responsible innovation in these areas will be essential for people to flourish. Culture-influencing technological advances on the horizon such as robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence desperately need the moral voice the Christian worldview brings,” said Rouse.

The endowed chair will help Biola keep in step with the momentum of technological advancements and continue offering students with the biblically centered education it was founded upon, integrating faith and learning in all courses.

“The tech world is dominated by non-Christians. What does it take to impact the tech world and to impact the world for Jesus Christ? If we build that program here, we will be in a place where more students with a biblical base will go into the tech world,” said Haque.

The Endowed Chair of Computer Science, Mathematics, Robotics and Technology will be the academic leader of the new Division of Technology in the School of Science, Technology and Health (SSTH). This leader will be responsible for aligning the strategic growth and management of technology programs (currently computer science, engineering, math and robotics) with the broader School of Science, Technology and Health and university objectives. Additionally, the Endowed Chair will handle administrative tasks, and help build key industry partnerships.

“We see the endowed chair partnering with both our faculty and with industry in continual curriculum refinement and opening up further internship and job opportunities,” said Dr. Matthew Rouse, Dean of the School of Science, Technology and Health. “Our students already get a solid foundation in our technological programs, but the endowed chair will implement new strategies to ensure students gain the soft skills employers are seeking, including high ethical standards and the ability to work effectively in teams. As the world changes and new technologies bring both exciting promise and troubling moral implications, the need for ethically and biblically faithful scientists and decision makers is greater than ever.”

With Haque’s generous gift, this endowed chair will ensure a permanent faculty position with hopes for continued growth in the faculty for the School of Science, Technology and Health. It is also providing enhanced opportunities and departmental growth for both faculty and students within the school. Biola will continue its efforts to influence the world of academics and beyond by developing future funds for endowed chairs.

“The power to make world-shaping decisions — in some cases on questions we cannot even presently conceive—will increasingly reside with the leaders of science, technology and health. For centuries, Christians have been leaders in the sciences without capitulating on deeply held biblical convictions. The two are not at odds,” said Rouse.

Biola is currently accepting applications for the endowed chair. Interested candidates can visit the chair profile online.