Biola University opens its first pop up museum on Feb. 17 — “The Museum of Precious Moments.” Dedicated to various elements of Christian culture and nostalgia, the museum is housed at the Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery. The museum, the first of its kind themed around Christian culture, features many interactive elements and instagram-worthy photo opportunities, such as an immersive flannel graph area and last supper scene with popular Christian characters, such as VeggieTales.

Art students at Biola collaborated to create the new pop up, which runs from Feb. 17 to March 17. The museum explores familiar and quirky aspects of Christian culture, such as Thomas Kincade clocks, flannel storyboards, and religious themed candy.

“This unique pop-up experience presents a series of immersive spaces that embrace the quirky and peculiar treasures of our personal histories — drawing on this deep well of inspiration to offer striking new encounters within the familiar — evoking a sense of nostalgia and re-kindling our shared memories. We hope visitors will reconnect with their own memories as they journey through the exhibit,” said Jeffrey Rau, university curator and gallery director. 


Pop up museums are a recent trend in the world of art, culture, and social media. Typically incorporating interactive elements, pop up museums are a semi-formal, temporary art event that showcase a culturally relevant topic or theme. The Museum of Precious Moments takes a playful look at the wide variety of collectible, consumable, cultural momentos that often accompany the experiences of those growing up in the church. As visitors journey through these precious moments in childlike reverie, the art students hope visitors will be reconnected with their own memories and share their own story with others. 

The Department of Art at Biola is a vibrant visual arts community that offers a professional visual arts program with a rigorous curriculum that reflects a strong liberal arts emphasis and a solid Christian worldview. The Department of Art is committed to training well-equipped students with the aesthetic, technical, conceptual skills and the Christian worldview needed for professional success and impact. The Department of Art will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year. 

Written by Kiana Karn, Media Relations Assistant. For more information, email