Biola’s Center for Christianity, Culture and Arts (CCCA) debuted its seventh online Advent Project on November 30 — a one-of-a kind online daily devotional that incorporates visual art, poetry, music and written devotionals. Assistant Dean of Chapels and Worship at Biola, Mike Ahn, introduced this year’s Advent Project in an introductory video posted the day before the start of Advent on December 1. 

“What's special about these devotionals, as it is every year for that matter, is that each component of the devotional is carefully curated by staff, faculty, and friends of Biola who invest in making this an impactful time for participants,” said Ahn on the content created for the project.

Since 2017, the subscription to the project has doubled from 18,000 to 36,000 subscribers internationally. The calendar starts on the first day of Advent and goes through the day of Epiphany, January 6, 2020, totalling 36 days. Subscribers to the project will receive an email every day of this period with a different devotional reflecting on different topics pertaining to the theme of the Advent weeks.

“This year, the Advent Project looks at the enduring themes of the Advent wreath: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love — concepts that are oh so familiar but at the same time, awash with great depth and fresh meaning,” wrote Barry Krammes, recently retired professor of Art Emeritus and former Director of the CCCA, regarding the theme of the project. 

The CCCA aims to implement the Advent season into the Christmas-saturated reality of commercial television, radio, and shopping malls, urging people to enter into a time of restraint in order to fix their eyes on what the Christmas season is actually about. 

“Advent is valuable because it teaches us to anticipate and develop wonder and awe at the miracle that God came to earth. The journey of Advent is a way to prepare our hearts and minds to take in the Incarnation afresh,” said Ahn on the importance of observing Advent. “The daily practice of tuning into God's voice through these devotionals is a helpful way to be more aware of God in our everyday lives.”

Subscribe and view the Advent project online.

Written by Sarah Dougher, iBiola Reporter intern. For more information, contact Jenna Loumagne, assistant director of media relations and strategic communications, at (562) 777-4061 or