LA MIRADA, CALIF. — One in five women and one in 16 men are assaulted during their college years. For Biola University, that would mean 800 current undergraduate and graduate students during their time at Biola. On April 25, 800 pinwheels will dot Metzger Lawn at the center of Biola’s campus to highlight the impact of sexual assault and launch a week of events in light of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).

"I am fully supportive of Biola University joining this national campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault prevention,” said Biola University President Barry H. Corey. “Sexual assault is a serious issue on college campuses, something we will not tolerate at Biola. I am hopeful the presentations, workshops and conversations this week will educate our community and strengthen our resolve to prevent sexual violence here and everywhere."

Biola seeks to raise awareness, care for victims, and prevent future sexual violence through “Sexual Violence Prevention Week” April 25 to 29. President Barack Obama’s initiative, the “It’s On Us” campaign, which debuted September 2014, is designed to bring active attention to and end sexual assault on college campuses across America. Biola hopes the week will assist in achieving that goal.

“We want to raise the awareness that while our campus is still a very safe place, we are not 100 percent immune from sexual assault incidents,” said Biola’s Chief of Campus Safety, John Ojeisekhoba. “We want to provide vital information and education to students and employees about the subject of sexual assault and hopefully prevent future incidents from occurring.”

During the week, events will range from lectures on why students need to care about the issue to a Rape Aggression Defense System class taught by Ojeisekhoba and sessions for Biola faculty and staff members on how to handle a sexual assault report on campus. In addition, the event, “Take Back the Night” on April 28, led by a trauma specialist, will cover how to walk with someone who has been assaulted and will conclude with a prayer walk on campus.

A special task force organized the awareness week, which are held each Spring. Past student awareness weeks have focused on technology, forgiveness, and in 2012, also on sexual violence. Other on-campus resources for victims include pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and the Biola Counseling Center.

Join the conversation and use the #ItsOnUsBiola hashtag, or attend the upcoming sessions. Press passes are available.

For more information, contact Jenna Loumagne, media relations specialist, at 562.777.4061 or