Professor and administrator Freddy Cardoza is passionate about the next generation of Christian ministers and Christian educators.  More specifically— discipling them.

“I want to be a disruptive force in students’ thinking,” said Cardoza. “That’s because if new ideas, perspectives, attitudes, convictions, behaviors and lifestyles aren’t happening in the lives of our students, they aren’t learning.  My job isn’t to help students rehearse what they already know in more clever ways, but to help them apprehend truth and transformation.”

With 20 years of service in church and parachurch ministries, Cardoza has also taught for 15 years in higher education and currently sits as chair of the Christian education department at Biola.  Recently, Cardoza was also given the role of director of distributive learning and instructional technology in which he’ll seek to ensure that students “receive the best education possible through using the best technology available.

Here, Cardoza tells us a bit about his new role, what inspires him and how Biola is using “go for broke” reliance on God.

In what ways are you discipling the next generation of educators?

As a professor, I am working to make disciples and to advance God’s kingdom through equipping them to carry out the call that God has placed on their lives.   That takes place formally through the classroom and informally through personal time with students. 

As a department chair, I work to ensure that all of the classes in our Christian education major and minor are effective as possible in helping our students become all God has made them to be.  Beyond ensuring outstanding teaching, I work to ensure that at least 25 percent of every faculty member’s work week, every week, is devoted to personal interaction with students.  I do that because I once attended a university where I went an entire semester in a class without ever being taught by and without ever even seeing my “professor.”  That’s not Biola’s style.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by committed Christians “going for broke” to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.   And at Biola, I am surrounded by an entire community of people who fit this description.   The staff here works tirelessly year-round, and they care about this place from the depths of their beings.  The faculty are a group of very intelligent people who intensely love God and people, and who are committed to his work.  Finally, the administration is led by a team of highly competent leaders who have helped poise Biola for even greater impact in the years ahead.  Working with these men and women only makes my own commitment level even more intense!

What is a current project you are excited about?

One of my roles at Biola is to help coordinate classroom technology throughout the university.  In doing this, I work with my team to help ensure that the approximately 125 university classrooms are fully equipped with the best technology so our students will be educated to excel in the classroom, in their careers, and in life. 

Our primary emphases now in this area are that we are outfitting dozens of classrooms with the best possible sound, digital devices, Blu-ray, and high-definition projectors to create dynamic experiences in our classes across the university.  In addition, we recently signed a big contract for the very best videoconferencing product available.  This virtual reality technology will allow many of our university’s academic programs to have field experts and leading thinkers join their classrooms on a regular basis through live video using a host of world-class academic tools.  That’s one more way Biola is working to offer the best education possible to our students.

What does your new role as director of distributive learning and institutional technology entail and where do you see Biola moving in this new endeavor?

Biola understands that technology is changing our world—including the entire educational process.  The Digital World has its threats, but is fundamentally a gift from God to advance His kingdom.  Part of advancing God’s kingdom is to advance truth, the Christian worldview, and providing educated Christians with the opportunity to step into positions of influence in any and every area of human endeavor.  Biola University trains students for that very purpose—to help equip them for the New World that is emerging.

Part of my role is to ensure that our students receive the best education possible through using the best technology available.  We also want to provide the Biola experience to thousands of qualified students worldwide who are unable to join us here at our Southern California campus.  That is being done through a dynamic distance learning program that is being led by one of the most informed leaders in this field.   When those things are added to other new online and hybrid degrees being developed, and with innumerable free resources we are preparing to make available online in the weeks to come, Biola is taking her place as a leader in Christian education worldwide.

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Introduction written by Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator. Jenna can be reached at or 562.777.4061.