Phil standardized examinations became near the sole criterion of educational success,” said Loomis.

Biola’s Christian Apologetics program brought the topic to life in a special lecture opened to the public on April 26, 2010 at Calvary Chapel. Professors Moreland, Fred Sanders, John Mark Reynolds and Craig Hazen presented their philosophical and theological views on enriching wisdom and faith.

The lecture focused on the ideas presented in the book, specifically drawing attention to the exploration of philosophical and biblical ideas on education. Spears and Loomis hope the book will lead people to transform the practice of education by understanding the need for educational learning and spiritual growth.

The full three-part text interview with Paul Spears from the Evangelical Philosophical Society can be read online.

EPS Spears Interview

Moreover, listen to Spears’ interview with Ken Myers on the Mars Hill Audio Journal.

Spears on Mars Hill

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