Faustin Ntamushobora has a heart for Africa. He is a professor at Biola University, a student at the Talbot School of Theology, the executive director of Transformational Leadership Africa, Inc. (TLAfrica, Inc.), a husband, father, and author of the new book From Trials To Triumphs: The Voice of Habakkuk to the Suffering African Christian.

Ntamushobora has endured a great deal of suffering including the death of his father and siblings at a young age as well as the death of his first son. His family survived the genocide in Rwanda, but many of their friends did not - he has also lost friends and family members due to wars across Africa.

"In all these troubles I lived and saw, the book of Habakkuk was my encouragement," Ntamushobora said. "I came to understand that the Lord who allowed trials to happen in my life still loved me and had a greater purpose for my life."

The book is a commentary on Habakkuk with written application for suffering African Christians. Ntamushobora believes that despite the suffering in Africa, God has a wonderful plan for the continent's future.

As part of TLAfrica, Inc., each summer Ntamushobora travels to Africa with his wife to train pastors, equipping them to lead and teach according to scripture. As a result of the ministry there has been reconciliation between tribes, multiplication of teaching with new leaders being raised up, pastors have learned to teach the Word of God instead of culture, and the empowerment of women, according to Ntamushobora.

"TLAfrica Inc. is changing the worldview of African leaders in order for them to be a living sacrifice as they also acquire knowledge and skills to minister to their congregations," Ntamushobora said.

A student at Talbot, Ntamushobora is pursuing a doctorate in educational studies. He came to Biola to be better equipped to serve the body of Christ, following his calling to develop leaders and faithfully serve his people.

Also a professor at Biola, Ntamushobora is currently teaching courses in post-colonial African history and French. In January 2010 he will be teaching an interterm course on African theology.

From Trials To Triumphs launched at a TLAfrica, Inc. dinner event held at Biola on November 20, 2009. TLAfrica Inc. aims to educate pastors and empower them to impact their communities.

Written by Katherine Smith, Media Relations Intern. Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator, can be reached at (562) 777-4061 or through email at jenna.l.bartlo@biola.edu.