The convergence of public and private Christian leaders took a step forward Oct. 22, 2009 as Chuck Colson and Biola University announced a strategic alliance for a shared vision of equipping our next generation of leaders.

The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, an online ministry of BreakPoint and Prison Fellowship, and Biola University, a private Christian institution, announced today at a private dinner at the Reagan library, a collaborative partnership to equip others to serve their communities, cultures, churches and society.

“I am so thrilled that Biola University — a leading Christian university and a bastion of biblical orthodoxy — is joining with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview in this movement to equip believers to embrace and defend the faith and to be salt and light in the public square,” said Chuck Colson, founder of The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

By combining Biola University’s biblically-centered education and the Worldview Center’s online influence, Biola professors that are currently wrestling with provocative material in the classroom will have the opportunity to disseminate it to the community at large.

“In today’s hyperlinked, globalized world, there is an undeniable impulse toward cooperation, partnership and networked collaboration—thinking and acting not alone but as part of a larger collective of individuals and institutions with a unified purpose,” said Barry H. Corey, Biola University president.

“It is the desire of Biola University to become an architect and leader of collaborative ventures, building coalitions to tackle large and complex problems that can be better solved collectively.”

The partnership is designed to bring the strengths of the two influential organizations together. The focus is on providing content from Biola faculty leaders in the disciplines needed by the worldview center and adding Biola generated content to an online resource center housing thousands of worldview resources and references. The online center will also point users to the rich resources Biola has to offer as a leading Christian university and will allow for exploration for future opportunities between the two organizations.

“Now is the time for biblically sound worldview ministries and institutions to work together to form a movement for restoring the Gospel of the Kingdom and the hope of that Good News to the churches,” said Colson.

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