Looking for thoughtful perspectives on key issues facing Christianity and culture? Here are just a few recent Biola videos, podcasts and other resources worth checking out.

Freeway Series: Dodgers vs. AngelsCenter for Marriage and Relationships

Baseball fans, after this summer’s annual Freeway Series, listen to The Art of Relationships' podcast interview with the chaplains for the Angels and the Dodgers. Learn what kinds of issues and challenges professional athletes encounter and how these chaplains encourage them during the season.

Holy Sexuality“Think Biblically” Podcast

What does it mean to embrace a holy sexuality? Host Sean McDowell interviews professor and author Christopher Yuan in this episode from March 22 about how Christians can think biblically about sex, marriage and singleness.

Faith in a Gig EconomyThe Biola Hour

How are Christians discovering new ways to express their faith in an economy that is increasingly made up of freelancers and social entrepreneurs? Steve Lindsey, executive director of the Center for Faith+Work Los Angeles, talks about the theology of work in this economy at the Biola Hour chapel from March 15.

Technology and Christian FaithfulnessBiola LEARN

In a culture dominated by technological disruption, keeping our moral compass pointed toward truth re- quires a perspective rooted in something more permanent than the ephemeral world of technology. In this course, examine Christian thought and tradition for wisdom and guidance to live in a world of constant technological change.

Ordinary: God’s Radical GiftBiola’s YouTube channel

How is the ordinary a gift from God? Steve Bang Lee (M.Div. ’12), college pastor at Mariners Church in Orange County, Calif., reflects on this question as he speaks from the Gospel of John at the Talbot chapel on March 19.

Speaking Truth to PowerBiola’s YouTube channel

Victoria Robinson, a pro-life advocate from Save the Storks, has been working with pregnancy resource centers for over 20 years. She shared a powerful, personal story at Biola’s All Community Chapel on April 3 about how she started ministering to other women who have had abortions.