In January, the alumni office updated Biola’s senior leadership about our progress in implementing a leading program of career networking, mentoring and internships for our students. I am pleased to report that these programs are blossoming like never before.

We began the presentation — a joint effort between the career development, alumni and parent offices — with an overview of research on the best practices of our peer schools across the country. What we discovered is that, yes, there are a few schools doing such programs well, but most are not. In fact, our efforts over the past year are moving Biola quickly up the ladder of best practices. This is both exciting and challenging, as your partnership of providing outstanding network resources is critical to our success.

So, what are we talking about in regard to alumni networks, mentoring and internships? If you have seen the university commercial with the person in the “alumni red” socks who applies for a job, competes with all the other people not wearing “alumni red” socks, and gets the job because the manager also wears “alumni red” socks … that’s what we are talking about!

We want to launch a campaign that shouts to the world, “Hire Biola!” If you own a company and you are looking for the best, we believe you can find the best at Biola. We also know that many of you want to be in a mentorship relationship with someone. Bringing up the next generation and passing along what God has taught us is one of the most encouraging things we can do, and what better way to leave a legacy than to touch someone’s life in this way?

So, what resources are available to make this happen?

Our programs now include:

• Career networking through Biola’s online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

• Our alumni search-by-job resources through the alumni website.

• Our Student Alumni Association Mentorship program, which matches students to alumni and parents who are seeking to mentor the next generation.

• The career advice videos available on the alumni and Career Development websites.

• The alumni directory.

You now have available some very significant resources. However, this is only going to work if you join us in “Hiring Biola” and utilizing the great resources available. Biola alumni should be the men and women with the Biola“alumni red” socks!

For more information on Biola’s mentor or internship programs, please contact one of us in the alumni office.