On Sept. 20, Biola celebrated the official launch of its new Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts (CCCA), with the unveiling of the brand new Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery (named in honor of Roberta Green Ahmanson᾽s parents), as well as a jazz concert on Metzger Lawn featuring legendary jazz musicians such as Alex Acuña and Abe Laboriel. The CCCA, which was created with a grant from Fieldstead and Company, aims to create opportunities for thoughtful ref lection on the interplay of Christian faith, the larger culture and the world of the arts. For more information about CCCA and to peruse its collection of resources and event listings, visit ccca.biola.edu.

What will the CCCA do?

Educational and Networking Events

Through annual symposia, lectures, seminars, field trips, workshops and conferences, the CCCA brings together culture makers and strategic thinkers from the academy, the art world and various Christian communities to dialog and discuss intersections of the arts and faith. Fine and Performing Arts Events: With the intention to appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences, the CCCA sponsors fine and performing arts events both on and off campus, including concerts, film screenings, book and poetry readings, theatrical events and gallery exhibitions.

Visionary-in-Residence Program

The CCCA invites a high-profile thinker, innovator or practitioner to Biola’s campus each academic semester to serve as visionary in residence. This person will work with students, staff and faculty across the disciplines toward the end of thinking about and practicing art from a distinctly Christian perspective.


The CCCA provides valuable and accessible resources for anyone interested in the integration of Christianity, culture and the arts. At ccca.biola.edu, the CCCA will share free content that includes essays, reviews, photography, videos and archived performances and lectures.

Transdisciplinary Collaboration

The CCCA will facilitate collaboration among a wide variety of disciplines across Biola’s campus, with the goal of cultivating perspectives that lead to a more robust understanding of what it means to be a cultured Christian.

Summer Institutes

The CCCA Summer Institute annually brings to Biola’s campus artists and scholars eager to explore issues, readings and artistic pursuits with leading Christian creatives. One of the principal goals of the institute is to facilitate a stimulating environment from which essays, books and works of art will be generated.

Performance and Exhibition of New Works

The CCCA is committed to the performance and exhibition of new works of art. It is by supporting and encouraging the most accomplished contemporary artists of faith that the legacy of Christian contributions to the arts will continue to flourish.