As alumni director, I receive a number of letters and notes from graduates who have questions about Biola facilities, students, faculty and staff. And with the history I have at Biola there are many of you whom I know personally or perhaps even gave a license plate to at commencement rehearsal a few years back! Well, one of my favorite things is fielding those questions when the inquirer was unsure where else to turn for one reason or another. I recently received a note like that:

Hi Rick,

We have so many Biola alumni in our family, including my husband plus three of our four sons who have all graduated within the past six years! We LOVE Biola and are so proud to be associated with what we consider to be such a fine, Godly, quality university. But I often hear this comment, “Biola has gone liberal.” Most recently from an 18-year-old girl attending [another Christian college]. WHAT on earth are they talking about, and how do I rebut that?

Thanks for your help!
Angie Knechtel

I quickly sent a note off to Angie, thanked her for her inquiry and shared with her a couple of thoughts.

One, I’m not sure what this other student had heard at the school she was attending or what the leadership of the school might be saying, but they couldn’t be more wrong. I am pleased to report that the university Board of Trustees has just completed a complete review of the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws upon which Biola is founded and operates, many of which had not been reviewed for language and terminology for nearly 40 years. Hours of meetings and a year-long board evaluation were devoted to the discussion — not about how Biola can become more liberal, but rather how we could tighten up the language to ensure that we continue to align with the founding theology and principles of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. After all the discussion, the board unanimously tightened up the theological and organizational principles upon which we operate.

As many organizations and colleges slide away from their mission, shifting to the changing tide of the times, Biola has renewed its commitment to stay anchored upon the bedrock of Scripture on which we were founded.

And second, no one knows Biola better than the alumni and parents of alumni who have graduated from this place. As Angie shared and I have experienced firsthand — having graduated and had my children graduate from Biola — our product is our amazing graduates. Graduates like many of you, who left this place changed in mind and character, and are now making a significant difference in the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. You are the best example of why a place like Biola is so needed in these challenging times.

For all of us who have the heritage of 104 years of excellent Bible teaching integrated with some of the best career preparation in the country, we are honored and blessed to be called Biola alumni. No slip, no slide! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!