In December, Biola received its largest-ever endowed scholarship gift from a living donor: a $1 million donation that will fund scholarships for Talbot School of Theology students.

The donors, who wish to remain anonymous, are passionate about helping seminary students and specifically wish to help students enter full-time vocational ministry more quickly, said Adam Morris, vice president for university advancement.

The $1 million donation was given toward an endowed scholarship, which means the annual interest generated by the original gift amount will be available for students every year. The same donors had previously given over $900,000 to the fund — for a total of nearly $2 million — meaning that roughly $100,000 will be available for students each year.

Berry Hulen, a current Talbot student who received an award from the scholarship fund this year, said the scholarship had enabled her to worry less about finances and debt.

“The scholarship was not something that I was expecting,” she said. “When you pray for God to help you through school financially, it’s amazing how much he reveals your little faith when he comes through, because it was such a shock.”

Overall, Biola has budgeted more than $33 million in scholarship funding for the 2012–13 academic year. In coming years, the university is seeking to improve affordability by dramatically increasing the availability of scholarships.

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