Biola’s campus was full of construction workers over the summer, and not just for the long-anticipated new Talbot School of Theology building (which will be completed in October). Hard hats could also be found in Marshburn Hall and near the pool, where a massive new parking structure was erected. Here are some facts about these two recently completed projects.

New Parking Structure

a parking structure under construction

Situated between the baseball field and the pool, this new structure will eliminate the stress of hunting for a place to park five minutes before class. With enrollment at an all-time high, parking spots have been highly coveted in recent years. But now, there are plenty to go around. 

780: spaces in the new parking structure

41: additional spaces around the structure

636 net increase of spaces over what was there before construction

5: levels to the structure

$8,750,000: total cost

10: months of total construction

236,365: total square feet


Marshburn Portico

Marshburn Hall

Over the summer, Marshburn Hall — home of the Cook School of Intercultural Studies — received a facelift, with renovations to existing facilities and an expansion of space through the enclosure of the entrance portico.

1,200: square feet of usable interior space added with enclosure of the Marshburn entrance portico

18,200: total square footage of Marshburn Hall with the added portico

5: new faculty offices added to accommodate rapidly growing teaching staff

$515,279: cost of the fully funded phase one, which included improvements and renovations to the current Marshburn space

$675,190: cost of phase two, which includes a new missions resource room, new copy/mail room and new offices