Christianity in the Greco-Roman World: A Narrative Introduction, Moyer Hubbard (associate professor of New Testament language and literature at Talbot School of Theology), Hendrickson Publishers, January 2010; This work is based on the premise that the better one understands the historical and social context in which the New Testament was written, the better one will understand the writings of the New Testament themselves. Passages become clearer, metaphors deciphered and images sharpened. Teachers, students and laypeople alike will appreciate Hubbard’s unique, illuminating and well-researched approach to the world of the early church.

Faithbook of Jesus: Connecting with Jesus Daily, Renee Johnson, NavPress, March 2010; A one-year devotional, Faithbook of Jesus offers timeless insights into faith for those who desire to grow daily in their walk with God. Written for 20-somethings by a 20-something, this book gives real encouragement while providing a direct connection to pop culture and online community. With an honest voice, author Renee Johnson goes into relevant topics, such as body image, fear, balance, relationships, sexuality and much more. The casual, conversational, time-efficient devotions are designed to make truth real.

Why the Bible Matters: Rediscovering Its Significance in an Age of Suspicion, Mike Erre, Harvest House, March 2010; Many 20- and 30-somethings are suspicious of the way the Bible has been used by some people in the Christian community. But on the other hand, they don’t necessarily buy into modern revisionist criticisms either. This unique guide provides the middle ground, upholding the authority of the Bible in creative, engaging and intellectually satisfying ways. It addresses the specific biblical questions, concerns and issues that are so important to the under-40 crowd. Erre’s contagious enthusiasm and deep respect for the Scriptures match his first-rate scholarship.

Economic Justice in a Flat World: Christian Perspectives on Globalization, edited by Steven Rundle (associate professor of economics and business as mission), Paternoster, August 2009; “Globalization” may be the most hotly debated issue surrounding poverty. The benefits and costs of global economic integration are critical and complex. Economic Justice assembles leading economists to debate issues surrounding globalization’s effects on the poor. Writers urge an informed church to help identify the essentials of a Christian perspective on the societal, environmental and economic implications of globalization and to live accordingly.

Contending with Christianity's Critics: Answering New Atheists and Other Objectors, edited by William Lane Craig (research professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology) and Paul Copan, B&H Academic, August 2009; Featuring writings from 18 respected apologists, such as Gary Habermas and Ben Witherington, this book addresses challenges from noted New Atheists like Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) and other contemporary critics of Christianity concerning belief in God, the historical Jesus and Christianity’s doctrinal coherence. Contending with Christianity’s Critics is book two in a series on modern Christian apologetics that began with the popular Passionate Conviction. Both books are the result of national apologetics conferences sponsored by the Evangelical Philosophical Society (Embracing the Mystery of Love & Marriage, Wil" class="redactor-autoparser-object"> (M.A. ’82) and Jacquie Chevalier. Dare2Dream Press, November 2009; The book of James has long been a favorite for Christians wanting to deepen their relationship with Christ and with one another. The practical truths in James are often tough to live out, especially in the closest of human relationships — marriage. In Embracing the Mystery, Wil and Jacquie Chevalier blend lessons God has taught them with the power of Scripture to help couples resolve issues that often dissolve marriages. The 12 lessons plus the detailed leader’s guide in this down-to-earth study are designed to pull couples out of the trap of feelings and emotions and into life-changing, marriage-strengthening action.

Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk, Dale (’02) and Jonalyn Fincher (’03), Zondervan, April 2010; How does a Christian have normal conversations about Jesus without accidentally sounding offensive, bigoted or intolerant? Forget the “fire and brimstone” approach and the awkward insistence to get other people “saved.” In this book you will discover how to be yourself without alienating others. You'll learn: how to walk in another person’s shoes; ways to gently invite others to share; the buzzwords that will stop a conversation cold; how to navigate today’s hot-topics; and tools to recover the true meaning of Scripture often obliterated by spiritual writers. You will discover how to invite people to become fully who Jesus wants them to be through this coffee-shop approach to friendships in your community.

A Certain Risk: Living Your Faith At the Edge, Paul Richardson (’88), Zondervan, February 2010; In his memoir, author Paul Richardson will inspire you to engage the complexities of your world with creative solutions — with creativity that comes straight from the heart of the Creator. Drawing on stories from his life as a change specialist in the world’s largest Muslim country, Richardson explores what causes you to be pinned down under personal apathy and disappointment, and he helps you seek the Spirit-fueled life that can set you free.

Stories of the Supernatural, Tyler Johnson (’05), Destiny Image Publishers, 2010; A high witch is saved and healed in Walmart. A whole tribe comes to Jesus. Blind eyes are opened and cripples walk. These are just a few of the accounts you will find in this book of stories from Tyler Johnson. Each testimony consists of some sort of miraculous event such as a healing, a word of knowledge or an encounter with supernatural love.

The Literacy Gaps: Bridge-Building Strategies for English Language Learners and Standard English Learners, Ivannia Soto-Hinman (’98, M.A. ’99) and June Hetzel (’78, dean of the School of Education), Corwin Press, August 2009; English language learners (ELLs) and standard English learners (SELs) face multiple gaps as they strive to achieve, so educators need to take a holistic, comprehensive approach to bridge those gaps and meet the needs of ELLs and SELs in the classroom. Based on an original, well-researched framework, this much-needed resource provides practical strategies for supporting learning and success for ELLs. The Literacy Gaps helps educators give ELLs the skills they need to close the most important gap of all: the achievement gap.

Just One More Day: Meditations for Those Who Struggle with Anxiety and Depression, Beverlee Buller Keck (’96), Kindred Productions, October 2009; In this book, Keck speaks intimately from her own personal experiences in dealing with anxiety and depression. The reader will receive insight, relief and hope through the 40 short chapters written in the form of meditations. The chapters include a Scripture verse, a meditation, an action step, and a prayer. Each entry is followed by a journal page for the reader to write personal reflections.

Daily Comfort for Caregivers, contributions by June Hetzel (’78, dean of the School of Education), Barbour Books, December 2009; Caregivers, here’s the encouragement you need — for an entire year! Daily Comfort for Caregivers is a spiritual boost for those who need it most. This brand new devotional provides practical encouragement for caregivers “in the trenches” of life. Written by those who’ve “been there,” Daily Comfort for Caregivers addresses your challenges, joys, fears and hopes — always reminding you of the God who provides strength, encouragement, peace, and sanity. Brief, easy-to-read meditations are ideal for time-starved caregivers and feature encouraging Scriptures and prayers.

Embodying Our Faith: Becoming a Living, Sharing, Practicing Church, Tim Morey (adjunct professor of practical theology at Talbot School of Theology), InterVarsity Press, January 2010; "Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Mohandas Gandhi famously critiqued the contemporary church with this pithy phrase. The challenge ever since has been for the church to look more like Christ. Tim Morey had this challenge in mind as he oversaw the planting of Life Covenant Church in Torrance, Calif., and he keeps it in mind as he coaches other church planters in the Evangelical Covenant Church. In this book he brings his experience, combined with research and theological reflection, to help your church cultivate the irreducible qualities of an embodied apologetic: a community that is revealed by its faithful to be experiential, communal and enacted.

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