Hey everyone,

This blogpost is for all of you who have gotten accepted to Biola - CONGRATULATIONS! Getting accepted to college is one of the first steps you take to actually starting college life! But what do you do after you are accepted? You should be receiving emails from your admissions counselors about due dates for enrollment and housing. 

Don’t worry about picking out your classes this first semester because Biola’s Academic Advising will give you your first semester schedule. Honestly, it was super convenient last year because it took away any added stress that I had on my to-do list for coming to college.

looking over the baseball fields on Biola's campus
Looking Over the Baseball Fields on Biola's Campus

Since you are officially accepted as a Biola student, the next steps of enrollment includes creating a login for MyAccount! MyAccount is used to submit your enrollment deposits as well as pay for tuition. You will also be notified about any upcoming to-do list tasks that you will have as an incoming freshman through MyAccount. Once you submit the $300 enrollment deposit, you will then be able to activate your Biola email. Your Biola email address will be the main line of communication to receive important notifications and deadlines leading up to your first day of classes and throughout your time at Biola, so it’s important to get in the habit of checking your inbox. There are some following things to do such as health forms, housing and meal plan information, and just little things here and there. But, don't stress, everything is listed on your MyAccount profile under tasks. As long as you stay up to date with that, you will be all good. To find step by step instructions after being accepted, visit: https://www.biola.edu/admissions/undergrad/whats-next.

Sunset at Biola
Sunset at Biola

In your free time this summer, look into programs that you are interested in and clubs that you might want to get involved with. For example, by being a part of PR, I am able to join PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)! Other majors offer certain clubs for students to be more active in pursuing their major. Also just in general, there are so many clubs you can join when you come. We will have a club fair early in the beginning of the fall semester where you can sign up for any clubs you want to join. If you aren’t too sure about joining a club, the fair is a perfect time to learn more about them. Each club will have its own table with members there who can give you more information about the specific club and what it entails. I know some people fear joining a club just because of commitment. But don’t worry, most of the clubs here at Biola have more of a chill vibe and don’t expect you to show up for everything! Honestly, most leaders of clubs just want to make theirs available to students to enjoy when they can. So definitely check out some clubs when you get here and online - it may be a great weekend adventure or simply a restful break from class for you!

Ambassafam 2019-2020
Ambassafam 2019-2020

Another thing I would suggest doing is joining ZeeMee if you haven’t already. I wish ZeeMee had been available last year to incoming students because it is extremely helpful. With all the different channels and chats you can be a part of, it’s super easy and accessible to get information about different programs on campus, application due dates, and pretty much anything you could think of. If you have a question about anything, ZeeMee is the place to ask! We have other influencers and staff ready to help you with anything that you might need. But more importantly, ZeeMee is the best place to get connected with other students! Join the class of 2024 group chat or even the Transfer Biola chat. These will be the people you share your Biola experience with - so get to know them and get connected on ZeeMee now!
Hope this blogpost is helpful for you guys! It’s super exciting that you are so close to experiencing Biola. In the midst of all the things you have to complete for enrollment, don’t forget to breathe! It’s all gonna be okay, and we can’t wait to have you on campus!

Til’ next time,

Mags :)