What’s up, friends!

‘Tis the season for college tours, applications, scholarships and college decisions! I remember the entire process all too well. It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was eagerly awaiting my acceptance letter and scholarship information from Biola. If you are a student reading this with an anxious heart and thoughts of uncertainty, do not worry! Those feelings are so valid. I want to encourage you in reminding you of the truth. The Lord knows what you need, and He is working all things out for your good! (Romans 8:28!). If you are worried about scholarships, He will make a way financially. If it's housing or worries about your roommate, He will hand pick the person you should live with. He has you in the palm of His hand and He will not let you down!

All that to say, in the midst of the college decision process, one of the best ways to get a feel of Biola to determine if the campus is right for you is to schedule a visit! During this visit you can sit in on classes, meet with your guidance counselor, meet with professors (highly recommend this) and experience life as a Biola student! You will also get an official tour of the campus by some of our fantastic tour guides! I toured Biola last year during finals week, and my tour guide at the time is now my friend! I am biased towards one on one tours because my experience last year was so amazing.

My first time visiting Biola and meeting with my admissions counselor, Brian!
My first time visiting Biola and meeting with my admissions counselor, Brian!

I highly recommend scheduling a tour. Click HERE to sign up for one today!

If you end up visiting campus and you see me around, do not hesitate to say hey! I love new friends.

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Banner Photo by Hunter Kennedy