Hello to all who may read this -

I just wanted to take this time to share with you guys some of the classes that I think have been amazing during my time here at Biola. I didn’t want to just talk about the communication studies major (the program I am in here at Biola) so I will also speak on classes that someone of any major could take. I will talk about Divine Violence in the Old Testament, the Theology of Heroes and Villains, and any class taught by Dr. Muelhoff.  

The first two classes I mentioned are Bible electives that are usually taken towards the later half of your Biola career. Divine Violence discussed the many controversial moments that occurred in the Bible. My professor walked us through things such as genocide and the flood, and provided different takes from different Biblical scholars. It was by far one of the most enlightening takes on some of the old Bible stories we in the church grew up with. It provided new clarity, has altered my way of thinking, and not only enhanced my relationship with God but has spring-boarded new trains of thought I will be forever grateful for.

The other class, Theology of Heroes and Villains,  is one that I am taking currently. This is a class that I thought was going to be discussing literature or other forms of storytelling from a theological perspective. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the class looks at an array of films and works through them theologically—specifically in regards to heroes, villains, and how the hero's journey relates back to Christ. This class is open to anyone and it is exciting to see what people’s perspectives (who come from a various educational background) will be. If you like films and seeing how God can work through them, I highly recommend this class.

Lastly, I didn’t specify a specific class but a specific professor. No professor has moved me in a such a positive way like Dr. Muelhoff has. His classes, though somewhat challenging, were always engaging, fun, enlightening, and thought-provoking. He specializes in Communication Studies but I believe some of his classes can be taken as general electives. He teaches classes on gender, marriage, relationships, and even self-defense (which isn’t taught through Biola, but open to its students)! Those who did take it loved it! Overall, he was an amazing professor and I am sad I wasn’t able to take  more of his classes. I left each one feeling intellectually nourished, emotionally satisfied, and mentally ready to tackle new challenges the world threw my way.