Hellooo there!

Studying can be a really challenging thing to do in college. I know that I personally am someone who isn’t very productive when doing work in my dorm room. Therefore, as someone who lives on campus and is pretty much always around Biola, you can always catch me studying or doing homework at some of my favorite places on campus. Keep on reading to find out my favorite hidden gems for studying!

Little shaded area near the Caf

On a warm breezy day, this little shaded area near the Caf and Bardwell Science Building is one of my go-to’s! It’s great because there are three tables and a ton of chairs for you and your friends to study. Since there isn’t a ton of space, it also isn’t as noisy and distracting. I will usually play music when I’m out there alone. Plus, people watching from this area is super fun!

Shaded Area Near Caf

Talbot Fountain

A fun fact about myself is that I absolutely LOVE the sound of rain or any movement of water. The Talbot Fountain is a tiny hidden fountain located in Talbot East where you descend a set of stairs to find it! I love going there when I need to read or even relax. The sound of the water coming from the fountain soothes my soul and helps me focus better. I know that a lot of Torrey students go down there with their cohorts to read and discuss. But I also come down there with friends when we need a good heart-to-heart talking session.

Talbot Fountain

Library-Lower Level Floor

This location isn’t really a hidden gem but is one of my most frequently used places when I need to get on that grind with homework! The Biola library has three floors and from years of experience, I’ve concluded that the lower level is my favorite. Usually there aren’t a lot of people. There are also a ton of cubicles which help me focus well. A con of this place is that there aren’t that many windows and natural light coming in. Consider this environment when you are cramming for an exam or need to write a paper!


Global Student Programs & Development Office and Mosaic Cultural Center

Both of these places are located in Rose Hall right across from Talbot East. What a lot of students don’t know about these great spaces is that they are both completely open to everyone! Both the GSPD Office and the Mosaic Cultural Center have couches, bean bags and a ton of comfortable space for students to come hang out and do homework. Plus, both of these places will usually have snacks available! It’s a great area to do work, meet other students and learn more about what both of these great on-campus organizations do.

Cup of Coffee
Mosaic Cultural Center Doors