As someone in their third year at Biola, I have had the privilege of attending three different Missions Conferences. For those reading who don’t know what Missions Conference is, it is a time where the student body is invited to take part in listening to people from around the world speak on the the topic of “missionaries” or “mission-work.” The speakers share different stories including topics like how they grew up doing mission-work or how God called them away from the life they were living into the life of a missionary. Additionally, most speakers or the events around the campus at this time have ways for students to connect with mission-work whether it be local or internationally.

Missions Conference in the Gym with Flags

Biola has the largest student-led missions team in the United States and that is something we as a campus hold dear. We are faithful to the task of going out and preaching the Gospel to all the nations whether that be in La Mirada’s backyard or even in a country miles and miles away. Because we are faithful to what is asked of us in Scripture, Biola hosts this Missions Conference as another way for students to be led and encouraged in joining an organization to be a helping hand. The campus is full of booths and information for students to educate themselves and learn more about what they can do to get involved with an organization or missions trip.

If you would like to know even more, here is the link to this year's Mission Conference site where you can learn about the conference. In the link is a description of the conference, the list of speakers, and even which different Missions Organizations are going to be in attendance. If you are able to come to the event, it is free of cost! If not, there are links to the organizations listed where you can go check out their location and mission as an organization. You, too can get involved! Have a good day everyone!