One of my favorite things about being at Biola is that as students, we have the opportunity to go to chapels!

What is “chapel”, might you ask? Well-- there are a variety of different chapels offered at Biola every week. Biola has a department called Spiritual Development, under which there are teams of people who plan out the theme and heart behind Biola’s different chapels.

Essentially, chapel at Biola is a gathering of students for a period time in which the students come and hear different speakers preach on various topics. The different chapels are held at the same times each week, so you are able to pick the ones that work best with your schedule! Not only that, but each chapel is designed intentionally so that you have a number of resources depending on what you may feel you need week to week. You can find the different chapels that Biola offers here!

One of my favorite chapels to attend is our Sunday night Singspiration chapel. I remember one year, we had Singspiration on Metzger lawn and I was awestruck by the fact that we had the freedom to be led in worship under the stars for an hour. Music has always been one of the best ways I connect with the Lord, so Singspiration is always a favorite.

While some chapels are exclusively guided prayers, most chapel opportunities at Biola include worship through music. These are led by one of the student chapel bands on campus! The bands partner with chapel programs to incorporate music through worship in a few of Biola’s weekly chapels. This year there are eight teams and one of them is lead by yours truly!

Photo of Aubrey's chapel band after a worship set

This is my band! I love them a whole lot. We jokingly go by “Aub Sons & Daughter” (in reference to the worship band All Sons & Daughters) because my band is all dudes and one gal! From left to right, there is Sage our bassist, Jimmy our electric guitarist, Zach who plays keys, Sam our drummer, me the worship team leader, and Zach our acoustic/electric guitarist. Together, we spend a lot of time bonding at rehearsals and we play at one chapel a week!

So, how did we come to be? The process of auditioning for Biola’s chapel band program was the most fun. To audition, you get to meet other Biola students who are interested in being on a team and put together a band of your own to audition with! Auditions are held every spring semester.

Worship through music has been a passion of mine since I was little. When I found out that it’s something I could pursue at Biola I was overjoyed. But, while it is what I love to do, I will also say it has been a huge learning experience. For a while, worship leading to me just meant going on a stage and singing Christian songs. My leaders at Biola have taught me that it is so much more than that. I have been learning a lot about what it looks like to lead people in worship and prayer rather than just sing. My favorite part has been figuring out how to integrate spiritual disciplines with the way we respond in worship.

If worship through music is something you are passionate about, we have info nights every fall semester! I would love to see you there. Hopefully this was an insightful little peak at what it’s like being on a worship band at Biola!

Til' next blog!