History Program

What will I study?

The courses offered within the History major allow students the chance to gain a wide range of historical insight, and to narrow their focus to the study of one particular geographical region. The regional emphases offered by the department are Asia (including the Middle East), Africa, the Americas and Europe.

In addition to teaching at the high school, college or university level, history majors can find careers in diplomacy and humanitarian organizations.

Pre-Seminary Training

Wide exposure to history is ideal preparation for seminary and invaluable for effective service in ministry.

Law, Library Science, Journalism

Both law and library science require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite to graduate study. A degree in history is considered desirable for both fields. The journalism trade, in both the print and electronic media, employs History majors because of their awareness of political and social trends as well as their research skills and ability to write effectively.


History majors often find management positions in corporations, international firms, insurance companies, banks, advertising firms, personnel management, labor relations and public relations.

Government & Public Service

The student who has coupled the History major with the appropriate courses in political science, public administration and business will find excellent employment opportunities in the public arena.

Why choose History?

The purpose of the Biola University major in History is to give students a variety of intellectual and methodological tools to study the religious, social, economic and political forces shaping our world. The broad range of department course offerings helps to develop the student’s understanding of the world using the disciplines of history, geography, political science and sociology. Students acquire research and writing skills in a context of Christian values and commitment, preparing them to understand contemporary and historical issues in a meaningful way.


  • J.O Henry Prize for the Best Paper in History and Political Science
  • Membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honors society
  • Opportunity to present papers at the honor society’s annual Southern California Regional Conference
  • Honors Program: Students with a GPA of 3.5 or better may elect to take six units of upper division work under faculty supervision, culminating in an honors thesis
  • Study Abroad: Washington, D.C; Latin America; Middle East; Russia; China; Oxford
  • Iwata Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Courses of Interest

  • The Colonial Period, American Revolution, 1607-1800
  • Medieval History
  • Great Western Political Thinkers
  • History of Christianity in Africa
  • History of the Jewish People

“I gained a solid grounding in a Christian approach to history that has served me well in my continuing education. The professors modeled an honest appreciation of the influence of faith on many historical figures and movements, without being simplistic or falsely pious.”

Kevin White
History, 2005
Ph.D. student, Graduate Theological Union, History