1. If I apply to Biola University through ELSP, can I be admitted to the ELSP program first, and then be admitted again to the undergraduate and the graduate program?

    Yes, it is possible to be admitted to Biola’s undergraduate and graduate programs through ELSP if you satisfy all admissions requirements of the university. When you finish ELSP intensive level, you will be considered a regular Biola student without any further admissions requirements.

  2. If I apply to ELSP Only program for one or two semesters, am I considered a regular Biola undergraduate or graduate student?

    No, your admission to Biola is for the English Language Studies Program (ELSP) only. Should you wish to pursue a bachelor or master's degree at Biola University, you will need to apply in the Office of Admissions. Acceptance to ELSP does not guarantee admission to other university degree programs.

  3. Will my I-20 be issued through the ELSP program, Biola Undergraduate program, or the Graduate program?

    Your I-20 can be issued through either the undergraduate program or the graduate program. For undergraduate programs, it will be issued for 5 years; for graduate programs, it will be issued for 4 years or 5 years depending on which program you are in.

  4. Upon completion of ELSP, can I continue my studies in the undergraduate or graduate program without a TOEFL score?


  5. How long is the ELSP program?

    The length of the program depends on your proficiency in English. For English-only intensive courses, there are levels 120s, 130s, and 140s. 120s level has only one class, so if you start in level 130s, it would take two semesters, and if you start in level 140s, you would only take one semester of intensive English-only courses. While you take level 120s-140s classes, you cannot take any regular Biola classes.

  6. How much is the tuition?

    For undergraduate ELSP students, the tuition is $584 per unit. You are required to take 14 units a semester, so the total tuition for one semester will be $8,176. For graduate ELSP students, the tuition is $501 per unit, and the total tuition for one semester will be $7,014.

  7. How much is housing and meals?

    Housing is about $2,400 per semester, and meals cost about $2,000 per semester.

  8. What other expenses, besides tuition, housing, and meals will I need?

    Students without health insurance are required to buy Biola’s health insurance, which costs $628 for 6 months. If you already have a health insurance plan, you can submit a photocopy of the insurance. In addition, textbooks cost about $500 per semester.

  9. I would like to start ELSP in the summer, is this possible?

    No, there are no ELSP courses in the summer.

  10. When do classes start and end in the Spring and Fall semesters?

    Spring classes start at the end of January and end at the end of May. Fall classes start in August and end before Christmas. Each semester is 16 weeks long.

  11. I would like to study one semester in the ELSP program, is this possible?

    Yes. You can take anywhere from 1 semester to 3 semesters in the ELSP program.

  12. After I study in the ELSP program can I then be admitted to undergraduate or graduate programs at Biola?

    Yes. During your studies in the ELSP program, you can begin submitting the necessary documents to apply to undergraduate and graduate programs.

  13. Do you accept non-Christians?

    No. Biola accepts only born-again Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

  14. Should the Affidavit of Support Form be notarized? Do the Annual Income and Bank Statement need to be notarized as well?

    Only the Affidavit of Support Form must be notarized.

  15. What kinds of scholarship do you offer?

    Church Matching Scholarship
    This scholarship is granted once a year. Any Church can grant at least $500 and Biola will match up to $500. Students enrolled in the levels 120s-140s are only qualified to receive this scholarship once. After completing ELSP, they can apply for this scholarship every Fall semester.

    ELSP Scholarship
    A 120s – 140s level student who is having financial difficulties can apply for this scholarship.

    ELSP Spouse Scholarship
    If a married couple starts at levels 120s-140s at the same time, one of the spouses will receive 40% of their tuition as a scholarship.

  16. Are international students allowed to work?

    They are not legally allowed to work off campus; however, they are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week on campus.

  17. Are there any elementary, middle, and high schools near campus? Are the children of international students permitted to study at those schools?

    Yes. There are elementary, middle, and high schools near campus, and children may study at those schools.

  18. What kinds of documents do children need in order to enroll in school?

    They need their immunization records. Some schools require the child to get a TB test.

  19. Is the surrounding area of Biola campus safe?

    Yes. The City of La Mirada, where Biola is located, is a safe place.

  20. How is the weather around Biola?

    The weather is very mild, and summer and winter are short.