DepartmentDepartment of Kinesiology and Public Health (KPH)
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  • B.S., Sookmyung Women's University
  • MPP, KDI (Korea Development Institute) School of Public Policy and Management
  • Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington

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Ji-Yeun Park’s teaching focuses on health behavior theories, social and behavioral health sciences, and research methods. The primary goal of her teaching is to provide rich learning opportunities that encourage students to think more deeply and critically about public health issues. She enjoys bringing Christian faith into the classroom so that students can better understand how the Christian faith shapes public health. 

Park’s research interests include substance use, with an emphasis on e-cigarettes, marijuana, and opioids, and substance abuse problems. Her work focuses on 1) examining the prevalence and determinants of substance use, 2) assessing how drug policies affect substance use behaviors, and 3) addressing substance abuse and related problems. Park conducted post-doctoral research at the Duke University Medical Center and University of California San Diego.


  • American Public Health Association (2014-2016)


  • School of Public Health Graduate Fellowship Award - Indiana University- Bloomington - 2015-2016
  • School of Public Health Travel Grant - Indiana University- Bloomington - 2015
  • School of Public Health Travel Grant - Indiana University- Bloomington - 2014
  • Scholarship of Academic Excellence - KDI School of Public Policy and Management - 2010–2011
  • Deans’ List of Distinction - KDI School of Public Policy and Management - 2010–2011
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship - Sookmyung Women’s University - 2007–2010


  • “Mental Health, Substance use, and the Importance of religion during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, Park JY, Galbadage T, Lee H, Wang DC, Peterson BM, Mental Health, Religion & Culture. 2023.
  • In-home cannabis smoking more prevalent than in home-tobacco smoking among 2019 Global Drug Survey respondents, Bellettiere J, Lilies S, Posis AIB, Anuskiewicz B, Tripathi O, Nguyen B, Chavez P, Zhu SH, Park JY, Winstock A, Ferris J, Addictive Behaviors. 2022.
  • "Sources of misused prescription opioids and their association with prescription opioid use disorder in the United States: Sex and age differences”, Park JY, Wu LT, Substance Use, and Misuse. 2020.
  • “Prevalence and correlates of past-year prescription opioid use, misuse, and use disorder among adolescents aged 12-17 in the United States”, Carmona J, Maxwell JC, Park JY, Wu LT, Journal of Adolescent Health. 2020.
  • “Trends and correlates of driving under the influence of alcohol among different types of adult substance users in the United States: a national survey study”, Park JY, Wu LT, BMC Public Health, 2019.
  • “Differences in behavioral health disorders and unmet treatment needs between medical marijuana users and recreational marijuana users: Results from a national adult sample”, Park JY, Wu LT, Drug, and Alcohol Dependence, 2017.
  • “Prevalence, reasons, perceived effects, and correlates of medical marijuana use: A review”, Park JY, Wu LT, Drug, and Alcohol Dependence. 2017.
  • “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and frequency of sugar-sweetened soft drink consumption among low-income adults in the US”, Park JY, JY, Lin HC, Peng CY, Nutrition, and Health. 2017.
  • “E-Cigarette Use and Intention to Initiate or Quit Smoking Among US Youths”, Park JY, Seo DC, Lin HC, American Journal of Public Health, 2016.
  • “Impact of Comprehensive Statewide Smoke-Free Indoor Air Legislation on Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Asthma Prevalence and Related Visits to Doctors, USA, 2007-2011”, Park JY, Seo DC, Lin HC, American Journal of Public Health, 2015.


  • 143rd Annual Meeting of the American Health Association, Chicago, IL. “Electronic Cigarette UseL Is It a Gateway to Cigarette Use or a Smoking Cessation Tool?” Oct. 2015.
  • 15th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Health Behavior, San Antonio, TX. “Does Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Lead to More Soda Consumption among Adults?” Mar. 2015.
  • 142nd Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, New Orleans, LA. “Pharmacological Treatment for diabetes and cognitive impairment in older diabetic adults.” Nov. 2014.

Research Interests

  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health and well-being
  • Policy evaluation


  • KNES 107 Lifetime Wellness
  • KNES 200 Public Health Principles and Practice
  • PHLT 515 Principles of Biostatistics
  • PHLT 535 Public Health Policy and Practice
  • PHLT 605 Research Methods
  • PHLT 630 Current Issues in Global Health
  • PHLT 642 Community Health Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation

Areas of Expertise for Media Interviews

  • Substance Use
  • Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Comorbidity
  • Health Behavior
  • Health Policy
  • Policy Evaluation
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