Do tests stress you out, or have you ever panicked during one? Rest assured, you are not alone. About 35-40% of students experience some degree of test anxiety. Test anxiety can present physical symptoms (headache, nausea, excessive sweating) and emotional reactions (stress, fear, disappointment) that can interfere with your ability to do well on an exam.

If this sounds familiar, take a moment to read through ways in which you can reduce test anxiety:

Before Test

  1. Study efficiently — Use strategies to help you remember and understand the material. Be sure to review challenging topics.

  2. Self-care — Stay hydrated (skip the coffee), get a good night sleep (7-9 hours), eat a healthy meal before your test, use breathing techniques and exercise.

Day of Test

  1. Find a comfortable spot and leave yourself enough time to get organized.

  2. Read directions carefully, pay attention to time, answer easier questions first and then go back to challenging questions.

  3. If anxiety creeps in, take a moment to close your eyes, breathe, and think about something peaceful or calming.

After Test

  1. Congratulate yourself for all your hard work before and during the test.

  2. Take a moment to sit and be still with Jesus, reflecting on your experience.

  3. Remember your test score does not define you.

May the Lord be with you while you study and during your test. Remember that you are not alone and that the Holy Spirit is with you and for you.

If you need additional support, check out Biola’s resources for well-being.

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