As adult learners, the pursuit to achieve balance can be a daunting goal. We learn to balance work and home life, but new commitments may tilt the scale off-balance. This leads us searching for a new, unknown equilibrium. Evaluating our commitments during different seasons is a skill to help restore balance.

As a father and husband, I understand the importance of managing time through different seasons. I also know the struggles of unbalanced seasons.

Although our desire is to do all things well, specific areas in our lives will need more time and attention during different seasons.

Our commitment to pursue higher education requires time and attention. This needs balance with other areas of life. But keep in mind that it is a willful sacrifice, for a specific amount of time, with an achievable goal in the end.

“To everything there is a time and season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Here are some helpful articles and resources that can shine light on achieving balance.