I’ve always loved learning new things. Growing up I’ve always loved the process and the journey of discovering new things. What I didn’t like was having to take a test about what I’ve learned. I dreaded taking multiple choice tests because I would always overthink every answer. This may or may not have been the case for you.

As you prepare to take your final exams, I hope the following tips will help you to increase your odds of picking the correct answer.

Tip #1

Make sure you take time to clearly read each question and understand what it asks. Beware of absolute words like “never”, “all” and “always” but never rule them out as potential answers. Always make an effort to do a process of elimination where you are completely sure the other options can’t be the answer.

Tip #2

Eliminate words that you are certain to be incorrect based on your study. If you know, that you know, that you know, you know the word can’t be an option or possible, eliminate it as a possible answer. This increases your odds of choosing the correct answer.

Tip #3

Re-read the question with the chosen answer. This will help to trigger the study you have done. This will lead to the familiarity of the repetition you had while studying.

May the peace of God be with you!


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