We welcomed Crowell School of Business students into our virtual classrooms last week, equipped with new technology, a renewed perspective, and a renewed focus on our mission. The mission of the Crowell School of Business is to be a center of biblically-integrated business education, scholarship, and service, equipping women and men in mind and character to impact the world for Christ through business as ministry.

Keeping our vision in view during the challenges of today, much less tomorrow and beyond, may give us constant eye strain. But the vision of Crowell School of Business as a leading Christ-centered Business School — a place that effectively serves individuals, businesses, and organizations globally through entrepreneurial-minded, God-honoring business and management education — remains in clear focus.

In this current crisis, does it make sense to remain focused on these kinds of things, like mission, vision, and values? Can our value of dealing truthfully in all our business decisions and activities stand firm? Should we still seek transformation in ourselves, our businesses, and our world as we serve others globally through business? Do we continue to strive to be a living testimony of Christ’s grace expressed in lives of service?

Are these values relevant in times like these?

They are more than relevant. In times like these, they are critical.

And so we thank God for our students, faculty and staff and their steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ. We’re thankful for the guidance the Crowell School mission, vision, and values provides for us in this season. As our semester begins, I pray for you as I pray for our students, alongside words from Psalm 112,

They will have no fear of bad news;
Lord, may we have no fear this semester as we stay on mission.

Their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord;
May the eyes of our hearts be steadfast on the vision You provide.

Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear;
May Your secure truth transform us this semester such that our testimony — when it is complete — will be of Your unfailing faithfulness. Amen


Dr. Gary Lindblad