LA MIRADA, CALIF. — With nearly two-thirds of people saying they stay quiet about their beliefs due to the fear of offending others, it’s clear a shift needs to occur to end the stalemate in today’s argument culture. Biola University professors Dr. Sean McDowell and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff co-wrote a new book on how to do just that. On May 22, the two will host an exclusive event — The End the Stalemate Challenge — and live conversation modeling how to engage in conversation with someone who fundamentally disagrees with you.

“In our polarized and divided culture, it’s easy to avoid meaningful conversations with others,” said McDowell, author and top Christian Apologist. “End the Stalemate is meant to encourage and equip you to lean into difficult conversations for the sake of relationships and the gospel.”

Coming out June 18, the new book End the Stalemate: Move Past Cancel Culture to Meaningful Conversations will guide readers through reviving the art of meaningful conversations, inspiring an end to cancel culture.

“Even our most ardent enemies should be the object of our empathy and goodwill even as we disagree — which in today’s argument culture will stand out as a rare but vibrant counter-example,” said Muehlhoff, author and communication expert. “Taking the time to not only listen, but present a person’s view carefully confirms that they exist and their view, regardless of disagreement, is worth our attention.”

For those who preorder the book, the live, virtual two-hour event hosted by Tyndale, Biola University and Biola’s Winsome Conviction Project, will coach attendees on practical ways to engage in conversations with those who share differing viewpoints and values. In the first hour, Muehlhoff will provide tools and resources, training attendees on some of the key elements from the book. In the second hour, McDowell will have a live conversation modeling the tips in a dialogue with atheist and journalist Adam Davidson.

At the conclusion of the live, virtual event, attendees will be challenged to put what they learned into practice and actually have a conversation with whom they disagree.

“We are in a cultural moment where it is easy and common to shut down or cancel others who see the world differently. As Christians who are called to love, we must be willing to have difficult conversations with kindness and courage,” said McDowell.

The event will be held from 12-2 p.m. PST on May 22, 2024 virtually. Attendees will receive a Zoom link on Monday, May 20, 2024. To attend the event, attendees can preorder the book and enter their order number on this website to claim a free ticket.

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