Dr. Leanne Dzubinski’s research has shown a continued prevalence of workplace gender bias despite strides that have been made. Dzubinski, professor of intercultural education and studies at Biola, released a new book — Glass Walls: Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work — on June 15, 2023 with co-author Dr. Amy Diehl. 

Image shows the cover of the book, Glass Walls
"Glass Walls" book cover

Dzubinski and Diehl’s research revealed six main factors that contribute to gender bias against women in the workplace: male privilege, disproportionate constraints, insufficient support, devaluation, hostility and acquiescence. In their new book, the authors highlight stories of women who went through experiences of workplace bias and provide suggestions on how to overcome the issue.

“An important piece for Amy and me is to leave readers with a sense of hope, not despair,” Dzubinski said. “While the whole problem is too big for anyone to solve alone, we want each woman to know that it is not personal to her and that it’s possible to take steps to improve your situation. Women are so conditioned to put others first and neglect our own well-being that we want to turn that message on its head.”

According to Dzubinski, women are held back from achieving their full potential which limits organizations from achieving more creativity, problem solving and growth that are possible with a diverse workforce.

“We are very intentional in our book to communicate that women are not the problem,” Dzubinski said. “Bias has been built into ordinary workplace functions, many of which appear gender-neutral but are not. The primary responsibility for change lies with organizational leaders. Still, women can be part of the solution. But it’s not about changing themselves to fit in. It’s about helping others see their value.”

Glass Walls: Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work is available for purchase on Amazon.

Written by Charlotte McKinley, Public Relations Intern. For more information, contact Media Relations at media.relations@biola.edu.