Today, Biola University awarded Dr. Robert “Robby” P. George with the honor of the ninth annual Charles W. Colson Conviction and Courage Award. George's contributions in philosophy, law, bioethics and civil liberties made him a clear choice to be the recipient of the esteemed award.

Recipients of Biola’s Colson Award are people committed to advancing Christianity through evangelism, discipleship and Christian worldview training; individuals who defend religious freedom and advocate for the weak and defenseless; men and women who model bold, visionary and courageous Christian leadership for the next generation. George and his work fit into these categories, as he has bridged ideological chasms to learn from and honor others with very different viewpoints to his own, while still standing firm on his convictions.

“Robert George is a well-known intellectual who has championed religious freedom and public virtue, in a culture where those ideas are becoming less and less popular,” said President Barry H. Corey in his address at the ceremony. “He is one of the most important advocates for Christian values in the field of moral and legal philosophy today, and is a significant pioneer in the natural law tradition of Aristotle and Aquinas. He holds staunchly to certain moral absolutes and true human goods, such as the sanctity of life, the good of friendship, marriage, and more. He has put these values into practice across the world, including through his service on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, on the President’s Council on Bioethics, as chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and on UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology.”

During George’s visit to Biola’s campus, he played the banjo in a music session with members of the Biola community, spoke at a faculty lunch, participated in an interview evening session and will speak to the undergraduates students in chapel on Wednesday morning. Biola was honored to host a man of such admirable faith, courage and conviction.

“Dr. George is a man of deep and personal relationship with Christ, which animates every aspect of his life. He is known for courageously and gently sharing the gospel with his colleagues, students and peers. He is a man of gentle, Christ-like kindness,” said Corey.

Written by Sarah Dougher, media relations coordinator and administrative assistant.