Alumnus Tyler Hormel (B.S. ’15) has been hired by Deloitte’s consulting practices to join their team as a senior consultant. While at Biola, Hormel majored in business with a concentration in accounting. Upon graduation, Hormel became a certified public accountant and started working with Deloitte’s audit practices, which led to this new opportunity.

“I have loved the chance to be back in the classroom and to learn from some great professors and my peers. Most everyone in the program has 4-10 years of work experience, we have a very diverse set of past experiences. It has been awesome to learn from them and think about how to impact the business world together,” said Hormel.

Hormel is also currently attending the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, pursuing his MBA. The program is typically a two year commitment and Hormel is in his final year.

“When I came to USC Marshall, I started recruiting for internships pretty quickly. The consulting club put us through some rigorous interview preparation, and I was able to secure an internship for this past summer. This internship turned into a full time offer when I graduated.”

Biola played a major role in Hormel’s journey in both his career and as a follower of Christ. Hormel grew up a Christian but it was not until going to Biola that he truly learned how to articulate what it was that he believed. This journey of self discovery was further emphasized through the integration of his faith in every aspect of his life. Biola’s commitment to integrating Christianity into students’ careers helped solidify his faith to be a part of his identity. On the career side, Biola’s biggest impact on his job was the people he connected with.

“Biola was truly about the people,” said Hormel. “I had the chance to get to know several of my professors on a personal level, and a few of them have remained close professional and personal mentors. These individuals have been amazing sources of wisdom and encouragement to me at many points in my life and my career. I have learned much from these individuals about how to lead in the business world, and owe a lot to them.”

Success in graduate school is heavily reliant on the training that one receives at the undergraduate level. Hormel testified that he received excellent training at Biola.The mentors and peers he met provided him with the tools and skills necessary to be successful in the workforce as well as in his post-graduate program.

“Biola helped me connect my faith to business,” said Hormel. The idea of ‘business as ministry’ has guided me and helped me find purpose in my work and in life. It has shaped how I think about business, leadership, and my relationship to others. To that I am very grateful, and it has helped give me a strong foundation for why I am in business school.”

Hormel’s advice to current students stays true to his experience at Biola. He urges students to take advantage of the wonderful community that resides at Biola. Furthermore to take advantage of the valuable connections that can be made for not only personal support but also academic improvements.

“Get to know your classmates in the program! I worked with many of my classmates at Deloitte, and had many other friends that were at other accounting firms in audit and tax. There is an awesome community of Biola alums in the accounting field, so invest in your fellow classmates now!” said Hormel. “Get to know your professors. The professors at Biola have a lot of wisdom to share, and truly care about their students. I received a lot of support and advice as I navigated college, recruiting, and my early career. Still today, they continue to be great examples and mentors to me.”

Written by Ryan Wingert, strategic communications assistant. For more information, please contact