Biola University takes any reports of sexual harassment or assault seriously and endeavors to investigate complaints proactively, comprehensively and in a Christ-like manner. We provide immediate care and support for students in all aspects of a sexual assault complaint. The university provides holistic care for individuals as they deal with the unique and complex emotional aftermath of a sexual assault and understand options for legal recourse including criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation. Biola’s Title IX response team is prepared and available to care for students who have experienced a sexual assault, whether it occurred on or off-campus.

Biola highly encourages individuals to report any sexual harassment or assault to the University’s Title IX Coordinator or Campus Safety to initiate the Title IX complaint process. Additionally, individuals are strongly encouraged to report to local law enforcement.

When reports of sexual harassment or assault come forward, it is our commitment to take appropriate steps to end the harassment, remedy its effects and prevent its recurrence. It is also the institution’s responsibility to follow the Title IX complaint process and procedures, as required by federal law. It is the intent of these procedures to allow for the prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints. The compliance team takes seriously the responsibility of evaluating all the available evidence through a fact-finding process. In order to preserve the confidentiality of all parties involved in any complaint, Biola is bound by law to not share the details of any specific incident. Biola does follow the CLERY Act and discloses all incidents that occurred on campus property to the government.

We recognize that the university community is not immune from acts of sexual harassment and assault and as a result take it very seriously, desiring to do our best to support students, staff and faculty who come forward with reports of this nature.

Find additional Campus and Community Resources for those who have experienced or witnessed sexual assault on Biola’s Student Hub.