Biola University Torrey Honors Institute students performed “A Doll’s House” Nov. 17-20 for the fall Torrey theatre production. Each semester, students from Torrey — Biola’s honors and great books program — participate in putting on a play from a great work of literature. Seniors, communication studies major Charlotte Stobbe, and english secondary education major Briana Pearsall, co-directed the play.

“A Doll’s House,” written by Henrik Ibsen, is set in late-19th-century Norway and tells the story of the supposedly happy Helmer family. Torvald Helmer has just been promoted, and Nora Helmer is a doting wife and loving mother. But upon Christmas Eve, a risky financial decision in Nora's past catches up with her, turning their colleagues, companions, and spouses into strangers or even foes. “A Doll's House” raises important questions about family, sacrifice, and the role of women in society.

The co-directors were pleased with how the play turned out, especially due to the highlight of several actors who worked together to learn a piano piece for the play which was performed on-stage.

“Charlotte and I are both so proud of each member of the cast and crew of Torrey Theatre,” said Pearsall. “They have worked so hard this semester to bring a challenging piece of literature to life on stage. It was such a joy to work with them this semester; each member of this production team is incredibly talented and hardworking.”

In addition, Pearsall and Stobbe decided to incorporate children into the play to strengthen the character of Nora Helmer and bring the play to life in a new way. Two child actors were selected. Nathan Johnson (age 9) played Ivar Helmer and Lilian Calley (age 6) played Emmy Helmer. Both Johnson and Calley are the children of professors at Biola. The directors asked professors from various departments who had young children if they would be interested in participating in our production.

The cast featured a variety of students including freshman Lindsay Lewis as Nora Helmer, freshman Seth McBride as Torvald Helmer, sophomore Paul Davis as Nils Krogstad, sophomore Allie Orth as Christine Linde, junior Elijah Cohen as Doctor Rank, sophomore Megan McNab as Anne the nurse, sophomore Christy Lopes as Helen the Maid, and sophomore Derrick Keller as the Porter. The cast was supported by the crew including Pearsall and Stobbe as co-directors, Paige Coleman, Kristyna Hughes, Jackson DeVight, Jay Chang, and Lauren Frey.

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Written by Erin Wilson, public relations intern. For more information, contact Jenna Loumagne, media relations specialist, at (562) 777-4061 or