Seventy-five alumni, families and friends were exposed to the hilarious antics of the world-famous Blue Man Group on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the Hollywood Bowl.

In a brand-new show, the audience was treated to beautiful music from the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, rhythmic buffoonery from the Blue Men, laser light shows and fireworks—plus the musical stylings of a sitar player, a roller skating guitarist, a saw-playing violinist . . . and more. What more, you ask? Well, how about painting the orchestra conductor with blue paint, hitching him to a crane behind the Bowl’s famous sound shell, launching him up hundreds of feet in the air . . . then dropping him into a stuntman’s airbag—just for giggles. Yep, if you weren’t there, ya missed it.

Prior to the musical shenanigans, the Alumni Office hosted a picnic dinner in the park and Biolans from all over spent a couple hours enjoying box dinners and some great Biola fellowship. Little did they know the show they were about to experience would include destroying the orchestra’s grand piano, a full-on Argentinian street band called “Monoblonco” and a large box labeled “Zuzu Singers” that contained four adult 50s-style singers whose only words were, “Zu zu zu zu . . . zu zu zu zu”. Really.

Zany entertainment for sure, but honestly, a blast.